Can anyone help with Energy Healing?

  • This is probably the wrong board to post this, but I'm wondering if anyone can send some healing energy.

    I've had a long bout of issues with a lower back/hip injury. It has never healed and my fitness has deteriorated, but the injury area was actually stabilizing the last few years. A new type of gentle relaxing stretches I was doing the last 4 months was helping and I felt more mobile. And I thought I was finally turning a corner. But then there was an unexpected flare-up recently, and when I tried to do some conventional strengthening exercises, my pelvis became unstable all over again. It feels like it's in the wrong place. I've been in pain and constant misalignment these last 2 weeks and it's accelerating. I can walk around fine (though in misalignment), but I cannot load the joints. Feels like the body is falling apart.

    I feel ok mentally - even though I'm suffering and I'm frustrated. I still believe I can get better - even though currently the evidence is to the contrary.

    Not sure what is blocked in my energy, aura or chakras. If anyone can help do a clearing/send some healing energy, I'd really be grateful 🙂

  • Dancer,

    I will send you some healing trough prayer and if you have crystals, please place them Green, Purple, Yellow around your bed which may of course be under your bed or on the headboard. If you have healing music, play it before you go to bed and envision yourself whole and well , ask your angels and God himself to heal you from head to toes.

    This does work as I have done it for myself.

    Please keep us posted.


  • Thank you so much MistofEmerald - I greatly appreciate your prayers 🙂

    I don't have crystals but I'll source for some healing music on Youtube and ask for healing from the angels as well. I'm not good with visualization or meditation, but I'll try.

  • Hi Danceur

    I haven't talked to you in forever! I miss our conversations... sry to hear you are still dealing with those injury things, that has to be really unpleasant especially with your dancing efforts and all. Hope life is treating you well otherwise. 🙂 I just saw you out there and wanted to say hi.

  • Hey Astra,

    I've missed you! Tried writing to you earlier this year but you might not have seen it as you're not on the boards as much. It's been a tough year for me - a lot to deal with. Wanted to reach out, but didn't want to disturb you as you seemed to be dealing with stuff too. Hope you're doing better, my Cappie friend 🙂

    Will start a new thread to you, so look out for it 🙂

  • Danceur, What works for me is Glucosamine Sulfate (joint supplement,) and Calcium w/ Vit D. Any good combo of Joint Supplements when taken religiously for it to work and it will work. Instead of the strengthening, try walking and lite exercises. Make sure it's Glucosamine Sulfate and not the HCL. Strongly believe in this. You might want to do supplement and vitamin/herb research, I strongly believe in these as well. You may be missing some in your diet.

  • Thanks Daliolite.

    Have just started physio. There are certain areas which are extremely tight and jammed - and this is after years of being in a dysfunctional pattern - so we're taking it in baby steps to improve mobility first with manual therapy and very low level strengthening exercises.

    I think you may be right that my diet is deficient in some ways. Just been picking up weird food sensitivities in the last 5 years and am also becoming sensitive to medication, even things that I could use before. The whole body is becoming very sensitive in general. So there's a lot of things I do not eat anymore and I'm very wary of supplements. I think there could be some adrenal dysfunction (which apparently can cause lower back problems and joint instability) so I'm trying to look at how to manage stress, get more sleep and try to eat better.

  • Danceur, The parathyroid glands (located on thyroid) can mess w/calcium levels. Glucosamine and Calcium/D are pretty standard. You DON'T want to get in a scenario where you're become dependent on drugs. A lot of joint supplements actually help cushion the joint (the fluid) in between joints. Drugs don't help re-build, repair. I believe, that's what you're looking at here. It's more of repair than replace, destroy--I work in healthcare and I see so much drugs--people on 6 or more. Vitamins and supplements are given and I would try this.

  • Thanks Daliolite,

    No drugs or medication - just physical therapy first.

    I think I need to give it ample time, before I look into other things, like supplements.

    The presenting issue appears to be that certain parts of the body have become so stiff that they are affecting the mobility of surrounding joints and often causing pain as well. So I suppose the approach is looking at surrounding structures to uncover and treat dysfunction and not only focus on the obvious areas that hurt.

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