Die from Rejection..?

  • So far, homeless going on 6 months, health getting poor. I have no income, there has been no help, I have tried everything, I keep getting rejected. Literally, I do not qualify for state help. I make about 50 a week and cannot get a job for the life of me. It is starting to get real cold up hear in the north. I don't belong.

  • LEO444, I am sensing you are extremely bogged down by negativity. If you like, I can do a Dark Energy Removal for you. I only need your permission. It may help your soul and body feel lighter and thus for you to be able to move forward.

  • Ok. Is it better that another does a removal

  • There are two types of dark/negative energy - the type that you pick up from others and the type you create for yourself from your own negative thoughts and feelings. You can deal with the first yourself but you need someone else to remove the past accumulation of your negative thoughts.

  • Hi Leo444, I am so sorry for the tough situation but please don't lose hope and continue looking for work. Remember nothing remains the same. So don't give up trying and keeping your head above water until things get better. Could you keep your resume up to date with a job(even very part time or volunteer) because sadly some employers prefer to hire people who have a job rather than those without one. 😞 Just don't give up trying until some wonderful things comes up.

  • So LEO444, did you want the dark energy removal?

  • It's ok. Thank you. I should likely learn how to remove myself.

  • Thank you enl

  • Thinking of you. Don't give up! Best wishes sent your way.

  • In AZ - drove 3000 miles. Looking for work still.

  • Leo, sometimes you have to shake things and make it clear to the universe your intentions and so a change and doing things differently is a good hint. Thinking of you and at least it is not cold. Thinking of you with all the best and soon. Xxx

  • leo,

    i agree with znl, your negativity right now, attracts more negativity, put that mind into postive thoughts, theres nothing greater, than beliving i can and i will, the internet is loaded with true stories about person that have been rock bottom, i dont know u but i believe u can and u will and that in the end your future will be better than the way it was before, i look forword to hearing from u and u saying, the the hard patch is over, believe me, u can and u will,,,,,

  • I did not write or think That Leo was or is being negative at all, au contraire. It is such a difficult and scary thing what you are going through and a difficult situation to handle for anyone. I pray that with your latest move to bring about the best outcome for you. I also encourage you to continue persisting in looking for jobs and I know one will be yours and a good one at that. Do not give up Leo. Btw, those * were xx

  • Well, it could be what I thought- no matter how forewarn and onward I thought and looked in NY - it was one loss and disappointment after another - major losses and in poverty With what intentions I set- universe may have had to keep 'beating me up' until I made the move. Things better in AZ - shelter and more work opportunities.

  • I actually am getting leads in an opportunity that only resulting in intellectual property copyright infringement in NY - getting a producer , I rap, sing and write

  • Leo, thanks for the update. Ok, keeping my fingers crossed and toes crossed for you! I hope this is going to be the best holiday season! Just persist and keep trying no matter what.

  • Hi Leo, how are you doing? How is the job search going? Hope AZ is going to be very good to you. Xx

  • Thank you! Yes, landed a job - very secure - stable

  • Hi Leo, Best news like in for ever! And, all your hard work did pay off. I am very happy for you and thank you for your update! Xx

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