Looking for help with reading....

  • I'm looking for help with making a decision on continuing a relationship with someone who I love...but someone who may not be as committed as I thought, or want.. he is an Aries, I, a Gemini....

    I would like to continue with it, but would I be true to myself if I did so? I currently have a little boy, an only child at the moment...and I am undecided if I want more children or not in the future... he doesn't...

    I would be so grateful if anyone could help shed some light on this situation, and help me decide what to do....

    The Fool - Reversed

    In the Cover position

    King of Wands

    In the Cross position

    Knight of Wands

    In the Beneath position

    Six of Wands

    In the Crown position

    Six of Swords

    In the Behind position

    Three of Wands

    In the Before position

    Page of Wands - Reversed

    In the Self position


    In the House position

    Six of Pentacles

    In the Hopes position


    In the Outcome position

  • Just on the astrological plane alone, an Aries/Gemini mix isn't ideal. Aries are most compatible with Sags and as a Sag, Geminis drive me insane (no offense at all, the Geminis closest to me are amazing people...they just know how to push my buttons 😛 ). I'm not quite an expert on this by any means but I do have a bit of knowledge, both from personal experience and reading.

    And just in general, if you are undecided as to whether or not you'd like to have more children and he does not want any, I think you would be settling and cheating yourself out of future children. The decision to have children or not is important and if you don't agree, I can see some resentment building up.

  • Thankyou for your insight GypsyEmpress, I have had one other relationship with an Arien, which wasn't so great, so you would have thought I'd have learned my lesson by now ; ) The decision to have children is a major one, and my heart tells me one thing about the future of the relationship (through it's sad feeling) but my mind wants to press ahead with it, however yes, I think that I would be cheating myself and my little boy even though the partnership is more or less faultless elswhere. I would still love to know what the cards say even though through my basic knowledge I can tell that they indicate a change is on the horizon...

  • Can someone read out what what future has decided for me.

    In this relationship, he is not commited now as he was 3 yrs back.

    I m truly dedicated and he was also...but not now...

    Is ther any hope for commitment ever from him??

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