Mentally ill twin brother

  • Hello Captain dear so good to see u are still being of service here. I'm in a spot. Not sure if my gut is warning me or I'm over worrying, My brother is Bipolar scizo affective and his health is declining rapidly from decades of smoking rolled tobacco. He had to be put in a facility where they were less folks and could supposedly monitor his health needs better.Fortunately he can't smoke. On Oxygen. He keeps passing out when he stands up and fainting and ending up in the hospital too ill to do the surgery he needs. I asked the new home to let me know whats going on w/ him if he needs anything etc gave em my Phone info, unfortunately the new place is a bit harder for me to get to, his old place was a mile away from me. Last time I called he asked me if I'd known he was in the hospital again ..for nine days. I was never informed. I was pretty upset. Ironically the V.A. where he was for nine days is about 10 minutes away from where I work and I could have visited him daily. I'm his only family bfeaks my heart to think he's sitting there being ignored.I let her know I was upset especially when she said "She forgot" to tell me he was in hospital again. So am I overreacting? or should I jump on it and try and find a place that pays better attention. I know we all make mistakes but she's getting a pretty penny for his room and board but "I forgot" tells me she has too much on her plate. She has 7 people there she takes care of and she's early 70's. I couldn't do it. She put onn a good sell when we 1st met and I recall thinking I need to show up for a surprise visit to see how it feels but only made it there twice and it was all pretty quiet. As u can see I'm in my head and spun out. He's a sweet bugger little loony but deserves to be treated humanely and well.

  • Yes you are right - this woman has too many patients to adequately care for properly. She means well but just cannot cope.

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