Need some insight.... roommate situation

  • So I'm new to tarot and I been trying to interpret this reading on my own and I would love some insight.

    Basically I did a 3 card spread (past present future) because it's simple for an amateur like myself but it's about my situation with my roommate. We were good friends and lived together for the past 1.5 years and last week I found out she was talking really badly about me and I confronted her. Her response was that we are not friends we are just roommates. This cut deeply as she is a very unstable girl who deals with alot of issues and I felt I loved her as a friend unconditionally. I pay more rent and I pay all the utilities and the lease is under my name yet I gave her the bigger room all to accommodate and make her happy so for her to be this way I feel like I got my teeth kicked in. Anyways its been awkward and I feel so much negative energy. I'm worried she might take some of my things and retaliate because that's just the type of girl she is so I pulled a reading to see if she would be leaving soon and if there is anything I should know or do. This is what I got:

    Past card - 10 of cups

    Present card - the fool

    Future card - hanged man

    I feel the 10 of cups in the past is telling me that of the memories of good times we had together. A time when we got along and was generally happy. I have been thinking about where I went wrong in our friendship and have been reminiscing about our good times as well.

    The fool I think has to do with either me being naive to her using me or maybe her naivety that she can treat people that way.

    The hanged man I feel is me. Like a warning not to get manipulated or put myself in a worse situation by adding fire to it.

    What do you guys think?

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