Hi Captain

  • Hope you are doing well. All is well here. I had a reading on here and it said my outlook is bright but I will have a trying time. Do you know what that could be? It said my health is good so not sure what could be? Maybe my wife or my cat?

    How do u like the new dr who? I'm excited they have Lego dr who stuff lol

  • You should ask the reader who gave the initial reading if you have follow-up questions, PG. I don't like commenting on another person's reading.

    No, I don't like the new Doctor Who - I am used to seeing him as a villain.

  • Would you mind doing a reading for me? I trust you and your guidance has been life saving. I remember you did a dark energy removal for me. Can you sense if it is still gone?Thanks again for all the readings over the years.

  • Dark energy was removed completely from you when I performed the initial healing. But it returns if you let it build up again with worry and dark thoughts. You have had many of these since then so the dark energy is building up. You need to be more positive but I see you cannot stop worrying over things. There would be no point to me removing your current dark energy since you would just allow it to build up again. You have to change your thinking in order to reduce the negative energy.

    You have to expect trying times in your life - no one escapes them - they are inevitable and a part of evolution and growth. You can only have confidence and trust in your own strength and wisdom to get through them. But I think that is the crux for you - you doubt your ability to be able to cope with life.

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