Heartfelt thanks

  • When I look back today from where I stand, I see how far I have come. I remember the very first time I logged onto tarot.com and entered my first post request on this forum. Those were the blackest days of my life that have proved to be the biggest boon I could have received. And because I am at a place today where I can see the past as a boon, I needed to come here, to this tarot.com forum to thank everyone here, who guided me gently and securely onto the first step of an immense journey and opened the doors of a world I could never imagined existed for me.

    Captain, Blumoon, Daloilite, Archersbow, OrionStar5, Pfree, if you are reading this, I want you to know how immensely you have helped me in arriving at a peaceful, free and a 'now' presence. The worlds you opened up for me hit hard many times, and from that pain arose understanding. It hasn't been easy, and several times I thought it was endless and that suffering was my destiny, but your initial guidance kept leading me to newer dimensions, newer help leading to newer doors opening and with every open door more sunshine pouring in. Thank you for opening the first door for me and hand holding me through it to the other side. Thanks to you all, today I am able to open those doors for myself with the help of my angels. Oh and thank you for introducing me to my angels, I dont know if I would have been able to feel their presence without you all guiding me to do so. That helped me open up, it helped my mind and soul open up. So thank you for that too 🙂

    In those times, I would come to this forum very often. I would read every post and its responses diligently, looking for some strand I could latch onto. Each one of those posts have contributed to my growth and I thank every participant in this forum from the bottom of my heart for not only trusting me with your vulnerabilities by posting here but also helping me find my way through them. Thank you so much.

    I haven't come here in a long long time. But I have always remained fond of this place, not in a romantic way but rather nostalgic. This feels nice 🙂

    Love and hugs to all

  • Good for you, Saggigirl!

    We are all in this thing called life together.

  • 🙂

  • Happy to hear about your journey Saggigirl. I feel exactly the same way about these forums. You put it so well:)


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