Very Interesting Dream!

  • Hi All ~ Last night I dreamt that I was going to go down this cliff. I was with some one I knew. Suddenly we were hanging from the top of the cliff. Our arms were straight out & our feet straight down. Like a T or a cross. It's a dream so I couldn't get how we were hanging this way. It seemed like forever before some one came along & said he would call 911. Suddenly the person I was with I didn't recognize, had a cell phone in her right hand & was texting with her arm straight out. She jumed up to the top of the cliff. I said you could have called 911 & how did you get back up there. We were 30 feet up. Somehow I knew this in my dream. The fire departments ladder went up 30 feet so they were able to put me in their white bucket attached to the ladder & I woke up before going down. I knew I was safe though. I'd be grateful if anyone had some thoughts on this. Love & Blessings ~D

  • There is some big change you are considering but feel you will be let down or rejected by those around you if you go through with it, "martyred" if you like. You are afraid you will need to be rescued if you try something completely new. These are just irrational fears about change, even for the better, coming to the surface. You CAN do new things by yourself - you have the strength and wisdom, so don't doubt yourself.

  • This post is deleted!

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