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  • I have been fighting for my rights and my 2 yr old son's as well in Family Court for almost 2 Years. The father and I live 2 hrs away from each other and He filed for sole custody in his little bity town, and in my case it's been all about who he knows and that I am the outsider in unfamiliar territory. He has drug this thing out so long, I had to let my attorney go and am fighting for custody alone. The worst part abt this is my son is majorly affected by all the junk and nastiness, but he also is not safe I had to file a protective order a few months ago for my us, yet he still has sole custody and more visitation than me. He has just come home with a fractured wrist and arm, is chronically sick with ear infections and has had just abt everything I can think of from pink eye to staff on his bottom of all places. I am desperate for any advice any information on advocates or pro Bono attorneys. My life is a daily struggle of fear anxiety resentment and has crippled my progress with my own struggles with bi polar and depression. I am scared for my life, sanity and the outcome. Any Help appreciated

  • Did you file a report of your son's injuries and infections with the authorities?

  • I am not sure what state you are in but in my state there is no such thing as sole custody anymore, it is very hard to get sole custody all the way. You get physical, shared legal or similar. I just went through something similar for a year with my ex husband. I filed to relocate with my child and he filed back with a sole custody claim. I presented in court all the evidence with my attorney as to why she is better being with me as well as relocating. There was an investigation with a guardian ad litem in which my daughter clearly stated that she wanted to move away closer to family with me and that she knew she would still see her Dad. We offered a generous visitation plan, etc. Still, he was accommodated with most things. I did not lose custody, but I have sort of a conditional custody, so if I lose my job or I am forced to relocate I can't without losing my child. They gave him double the visitation and no adjustment in child support for us in 10 years...There is no common sense, I tell you.

    The judge said herself that as a mother my abnegation was admirable to the lengths that I went to accommodate everyone else, including my child, and still it didn't work...

    I know how you feel, I know. It is devastating to see something so unjust happen. It starts taking a toll on you, on your mental sanity, your energy, your strength...There are attorneys out there who charge a flat fee and that helps. That's what I did. My ex makes 5 times more what I make so his strategy was to bleed me out, he got what he wanted. I am in a much worse position than I was before, my health is frail, etc.

    I just got my verdict last week so I am hoping that over time I find the strength to do what is right for me as well, not just for my child. I need to be well so that she can be well. I so understand...what age is your child? My girl is 11.

    Maybe we can encourage each other looking for resources or something. I don't know that what I wrote helps but I hear you...my heart goes out to you. Hang in there...

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