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  • could anyone give me some insight on my relationship with my bf J. things havent been that great between us, but we both know we will get over it. Whatever you pick up. just wondering whats headed for us? im particularly interested in knowing how he feels about getting married? will he propose in the near future?

  • Hello hll

    I didn't see anyone else answering you here so I will give you my take.

    I did a Celtic Cross on your question and here is what I got.

    1. Question or concern: Hanged Man

    2. Crossing: The Devil

    3. Above: 3 of Wands

    4. Below: Ace of Swords

    5. Recent: The World

    6. Ahead: 2 of Pentacles

    7. Self: The World

    8. House: 2 of Wands

    9. Hopes/fears: Ace of Cups

    10. Outcome: 5 of Pentacles

    11. just wondering whats headed for us?

    What is headed for us is 2 of Pentacles first, and then 5 of Pentacles later. So, ahead is some playful or happy results in life, 2 of Pentacles should be fun for you and him and innocent, playful, childlike in a way. Could show you two taking a trip together, getting out of the house seeing new things together. Later for this relationship is a time of rest and reflection, so I have a sense that there will be some development leading to some reflective results in this matter. Which could have you talking more about your future together in reflective way. I think there is interest by him, judging by the 2 wands in the house (which would be trying to reach agreements and shared purpose-direction in life).

    1. im particularly interested in knowing how he feels about getting married?

    Well, this is a little harder to pin down. I don't have a position here that is labeled "how he feels about marriage". I can say this, there is indication here of a history of trying to start that (or some important) discussion anyway. And yet it seems it hasn't gone anywhere. Like you just start to skirt around that topic and it doesn't really go anywhere. But there does seem to be some effort to at least try. The world as something recent and also as your attitude (bias) in the matter, seems to show some very evolved completion of happiness in all ways as regards the relationship, you may be cherishing that dream of marriage for some time. That feels mostly coming from you though, I don't really get a sense about him here (maybe another reader, psychic can chime in with that, but I don't get anything)

    The only position in this that I would even possibly try to look at to get his attitude about marriage would be pos 8 (house) as that is your environment influences. So that could show something from him, and that is the 2 of Wands, which is affirming or agreeing in some sort of path, direction, goal. So it seems you have some sort of influence around you that is saying "I agree with you about this path", or "do you want to play at this path direction?" Maybe that can turn into a marriage proposal with a little watering eventually!

    1. will he propose in the near future? That is a very significant event and in the key placements related to that, 10 and maybe 6, these are playful and viewpoints so it isn't easy to see a marriage proposal in that. Had I seen the Ace of Cups at pos 10 I might have said, maybe. But that Ace of Cups is in your "hope" so it is clear this is certainly a hope for you.

    Your situation at the moment seems mostly stuck in some "alone time" reflection (hanged man) with a crossing devil which to me is more of the same asking "how do i see this?" questions So if I had to guess I could say you are spending you fair share of time pondering this relationship and trying to get a take on "what it looks like" to you.

    The cards do seem to show something very fun and playful for the relationship very soon, could be a surprise for you or unexpected niceties. The 2 of Pentacles is usually a very fun sort of result in life.

    I hope that helps!

  • here were the cards that came up in the layout...

  • Hi Astra, thank you so much for the detailed wonderful reading. I really appreciate it. I can totally relate to what you said about him - we did briefly talked about marriage and such. He wasn't against the idea but at the same time, he tends to bottle up all his feelings, so it's very difficult for me to get a real sense of his thought on that.. But I do think he hasn't really thought about it yet. And yes a proposal is indeed my hope.. Maybe just my wishful thinking. We shall see..

    I noticed you used your own tarot cards so I assume I shouldn't interpret the cards you pulled in the traditional way? I mean.. I saw 5 of pents in the future. Should I be concerned? I mean.. Will our relationship suffer? Like we would have a big fight and decided to pull away from each other for a while? What do u think? Hope I'm not being too paranoid. Again, thanks for your wonderful reading.

  • You are welcome, hll.

    As for the cards, you may certainly interpret them however you like, I offer my own take on them is all. I guess i evolved my own approach, which was born out of trying to link the minor and major cards together (fools take steps, so do the wands for example).

    The 5's in general I take as meaning viewpoints and pauses in life (like, if you are counting to ten with your fingers, then you reach 5 and you have to switch hands, so there is a pause there, and whenever life gets put on pause, or nothing much is developing, it does tend to promote some effort to gain a perspective on what is going on. Then, taking that over to Pentacles, the pentacles seem to me to be about the results of life, some sort of physical or tangible result. The other three suits seem to pertain to specific aspects of the Pentacle results. So, a 5 of Pentacles is simply a viewpoint, a pause to do that, result. The outcome in that celtic cross to me just says that a pause to view yourselves as a couple, and where you were, and where you want to go as a couple would be developing. I don't see any sort of conflict or fighting in that, although it may not hurt to have a fight and get it all out in the open. You sound little like you wouldn't mind that just to get some discussion going with him! 🙂

    To me, that 2 of Wands as your house (environment) seems a really positive sign though, because that would pertain to influences coming to you from someone else. That is a very early card of two, agreements, affirming, playful, intentions. So somewhere around you, in the world around you (with him) is a 2 of Wands, path, role, intention to at least experiment and try things, 2's to me are very playful and simple, innocent, not really serious that much until you make it through all the dialogue about yourselves (swords).

    The Devil as the crossing is not interested in developing a story though. Devil (to me) is simple looking at life as it is, not trying to come to a conclusion. So that seems to be where the challenge is, there is some sense that getting to a "conclusion" that leads to a marriage proposal is not wanting to develop, although there are plenty of indications that you two are and will have playful intentions anyway. So yeah, the marriage thing is being resisted for some reason, and if you want my 2 cents if it was me I would let it drop with him, and just focus on the good times together. If marriage is super important to you, and he keeps resisting even talking about it, you might have to make a choice and dump him and just look for another guy, he isn't the only fish in the pond, right?

    Hope that helps clarify it a little. I wish you the best in that situation. Is he into Tarot at all? You could try to look at cards together with him and see what happens.

  • Thanks Astra! Very helpful! Since you used your own cards, I should go with your interpretation. Will see how things develop between us. Maybe u could give me another reading in the near future.

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