Broken down!!!!

  • Please could someone give me a reading as I feel my life is worthless. I give so much love but I seem not to receive it. Will the man that I have in my heart return or is it over?? Please!

    Thank you in advance!

  • Gino26

    At times in life you can expect to fill worthless as you say. Why? Because you are in a transition state. When you give out love to someone of course you expect to be loved in return, when what the other party gives back does not meet your expectations than you begin to feel down not really seeing yourself though good self worth.

    The other person becomes your life and a good balanced relationship is one where you both are independent and can stand on your own without each other in which of course brings you together in harmony.

    Think about what the attraction was in the first place and than if it grew or faded and what part have you played in this relationship. If you start to access it honestly than you will know if you really were in a healthy situation.

    Believe that you are a person full of love to give, and if the man of your heart does not return than like a rose you will bloom in love again, as love is something that draws to us what we are seeking from a heart level. Know in your heart what you want from a man and how you want to be treated and vise versa, what level of love without losing yourself can you give?

    Once you have looked within you will know the answer to your question.

    I know that love awaits you and you will find a deep caring love in the months to come. Around Christmas time you will be very happy indeed.


  • Hi MistofEmerald,

    Thank you for your time. He did love me and he still does but as he said he needs time to find him self cause he ( in some ways lives in his mind in his past. Meaning his previous marriage which has ended 6 years ago) He is confused and thought to let me go until he sorts himself out. their is no reconnection with his ex cause she recently remarried. we did have a good relationship except that he wasnt very talkative when we had problems. He licked to put them under the carpet and avoid them.

    If you can give me any more insight i would love to hear it.

    Thank you


  • gino26

    He is being very honest with you, as time does heal all wounds. Some people do not know that they need time, yes six years to mourn is a bit much, yet her getting married makes it a break he can't repair. While he is healing his past , let's look at your future.

    A man that does not talk with you about problems is self centered and in his head, which can lead to problems down the line, if you want to be treated as an equal partner , this man may not fit the bill at all for you. Don't give away your heart and love to a stranger, which is what he would become if he can not change his ways.

    Is there a man with the name of Tim around you? I hear this name clearly. I also feel like you can paint or do some form of art that really is good. I suggest that you work on making yourself feel good about you . When you feel good in your own skin than you attract positive rather than negative people to you.

    I drew three crystal cards for you: You have a change of direction in your life coming and a new attitude along with it. A wonderful trip is in store for you also. I feel Maine or somewhere that resemble it.

    You are embarking on a spiritual journey . Expect invitations and fun to come your way shortly.

    If any person is acting in a negative way towards you at this time, it will be brought back home to them to face. You are protected at this time .

    It has been a pleasure to read for you.


  • Hi MistorEmerald

    It's funny you say that I am good at painting or art... As I am thinking and trying to paint my garage and do some repears on it. I think I'm good at that lol. As him being honest with me, I know he is but were does that leave me?

    At the moment I don't have a person called by Tim around me. I have a Gino a Dave.

    About the trip I have been thinking to go to Greece for holidays... It's a costal place as you said about Maine. That's where my parents are from. I was hoping I can do that trip with my son next year.

    I don't give my heart to strangers as you well figured out. I just wish that someone loves me fur the person that I am.


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