Newly married, really wanting a baby (but I'm older and having issues)

  • I am hoping someone will be willing to give a reading. I recently re-married to a wonderful and strong man. We are hoping to get pregnant but have been trying since december and not having much luck., due to my age (37). I am otherwise healthy. Is anyone willing to give some insight on what they may see situationally with this? Thank you in advance ❤

  • Are you both totally ready for this baby or does one of you have some secret doubts or reluctance about this issue? Because one of you is holding back. This needs a frank and honest discussion to occur between you, because I am sensing that one partner is only going along with it for the other person's sake.

  • Interesting. We have talked a lot about it and that hasn't come up. Initally when we first started dating it did but as we grew together our want seems to have merged. Neither of us are willing to follow through with medical intervention, we are both "lets just see if it happens" but neither of us have done anything to stop it, and he has been fully supportive. I guess i'll have to ask him if he's really wanting this or just going along with it, although, it's not what i've gotten from him at all. If that was the case then I wouldn't even be hoping for it, no baby needs to be brought into this world unwanted.

  • And why do you GYWM want this child with your new spouse?

  • So many reasons that I can't even articulate and the list is long, getting longer the closer we become. He isn't hesitating, he's even suggested having an analysis done to make sure his swimmers are good to go, he will be traveling a lot, and that puts pressure on it to happen sooner rather than later, I think it's scary to get hopes up because it's so disappointing when it doesn't happen. He is a strong husband and father, it melts me to think of him with our child when I watch him with his daughter. We have full custody, I'd love for her to have a sibling... we are all good, but it would be a very big blessing to bring another one in. He comes from a great family, the kind every kid should grow up in and it would be wonderful to pass that on too.

  • So this is not really for the child's sake but for the father?

  • I'm not sure what you mean? He comes from a great family the kind you want your own children to model and pass on, it's equally a desire for me, him, and blessing for all of us including his daughter he has now and to the one that hopefully graces us in the future. I want to do this with him as much as I want to do it for us, being able to share something so beautiful with someone you love, something you can't share with anyone else because the bond is so much different, deeper, sweeter, stronger, is a miraculous thing. I don't know why people desire the things they desire, all I know is that we would love another child to share are lives with raise. I don't think I understand your question.

  • Is anyone able to give insight about whether we will be able to have a baby and when? Its so hard to get hopes up and then be so disappointed month after month and biologically, i feel like I'm running out of time. Buuuuummmmerrrrr.

  • Gladyouwroteme! I wish cards could tell you such a yes or no question. I pulled one card for you asking the question about your pregnancy and a baby. Queen of pentacles so, a yes card and also this card indicates pregnancy and motherhood. Here is a link to more about this card.

    Good luck. Please see a doctor and relax.

  • Thank you zni. We have been trying for over a year and until that happens, our insurance won't cover anything. Luckily, a year is up so I have an apt on nov 10 to see if we can stimulate some ovulation so we can get the ball rolling. Months, are like dog years when you're my age and trying to reproduce. lol... I really appreciate you pulling a card for this. Thank you 😉

  • You are not old to have children and women are capable of getting pregnant until they go into menopause! Going to see doctor and making sure all is fine or do what needs to be done in case of is just the right thing to do :)! Xx

  • Thanks 🙂 It's true. I am perimenopausal though so my hormone levels don't support ovulation. We are on track to start treatments after another assessment. Its a lot of waiting bc I'm so irregular, which makes it hard to schedule anything at all. Our window of getting pregnant is pretty small. My hubby will be gone for an extensive period of time starting in a few months so there's a different urgency now than there was a year ago, or even 6 months ago. The good news is that one of the procedures I'll get, sometimes increases fertility for the next few months after it's done, so now we just wait until it's the right time to do it. We are trying to take it in stride. I can honestly say it's not stressing me out anymore than to be expected, which is good, bc stress is bad bad bad for this stuff! lol. Hubs has been great too, super supportive, I feel lucky ❤

  • Sounds everything is under control! 🙂

  • GYWM, have you had your thyroid levels checked? My sister at your age was trying to get pregnant for two years and had tried everything short of fertility drugs when it was discovered her thyroid was low; she got pregnant within two weeks of taking supplements and easily conceived again less than two years later. I hope your situation turns out to have an equally simple solution. Try to trust that if you make your intention known to the universe, it will happen if and when the time is right for all three of you. Light and blessings, gd

  • Thanks Gracefuldaisies! My thyroid is good to go. I have some exploratory stuff coming up in the next week in addition to some other blood stuff I've just done. The good news is that at least we will have five new rule outs for the problem, which is great. One of the procedures is said to increase fertility too, soooo fingers crossed! ❤ Thank you for your support and for sharing your sister's story, it means a lot to me.

  • Booooooo to bad news! My blood results are back. I have premature ovarian failure, it's not good, reproductive endocrinologists say that IVF with a donor egg is pretty much the only saving grace here. I'm praying for a miracle, we are heartbroken.

  • Hi, ok not the ideal situation! You already suspected some issues. Sorry about the findings but I am thinking that IVF has been successful for so many couples and you can do,it too' think about it, this is not a "no" situation,maybe a bit unusual. It will be all worth it when you hug your baby? Hang in there 🙂

  • I can understand that you are heartbroken. Could you seek more opinions. Also, if this is pretty much your only option and still want a baby then there is lots to think about and decide. Whatever you do or don't do, I wish you much happiness. Xx

  • Your support and positive thoughts mean a lot, thank you. Unfortunately, IVF is way out of our price range. Our insurance doesn't cover it, which sucks, BUT, Im trying really hard to accept it and come to peaceful terms with it being God's will, not mine. I think more than anything, it just shocked me, I wasn't expecting that at all. I am trying to shift my focus, maybe I'll go back and get my Phd or something... why not... it's a time for rebirth, if not birth, right?

  • Give yourself time and feel how you feel. No need to rush into things or make any decisions or create so much busy-ness and to do. I think you will make great discoveries and open doors that you may not see right now. Be good to you and to your husband. Be open to all possibilities and there is no,limit in what you can do and achieve when your heart and eyes are open. xx

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