• Can anyone tell me what happens to a person that commits suicide? Do they go to hell or do they get to go before the God they believe in? I had two people in my family a couple of years ago and I am just wondering about them. Thank You

  • I don't believe that people get punished or damned for making mistakes. I believe we all receive many chances to 'get it right', as in living other lifetimes. I believe we all have lives where we learn the lesson of suicide - that it doesn't 'fix' anything - and that we return in the next lifetime with the same problems until we eventually learn how to handle them.

  • Dear TheCaptain: Thank You

  • I think Suicide is NEVER the right choice. AT ALL. How could you throw away something so precious as your life? You are a UNIQUE and completely individual person! You have something special! How could you hurt the people around you so much by making such a silly choice?

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