What does my cancer man really want ?

  • I know its mad long but please i need advices and i would like to hear similar experiences. Please could you just take 10 min of your time ??

    Sorry for my english its not my first language… im trying my best 😉

    Im a scorpio he is a cancer. we first met in a little spot in a cold night of january.

    I think we felt the rush this first night. He stared at me and i feel something i can’t even explain something i didn’t feel since longtime ago.

    Actually i already felt this kind of same feeling only one time before in my life, that was for a cancer too… weird ?

    He guessed i was a scorpio and when he told me he was a cancer i just knew it.After playing games with him i finally gave him my number. I never did the first step for anything with him even if he looked shy at the beginning.

    After couple dates we finally made love together… that was great.

    The thing is i didn’t want to be involved so much knowing i planned to come back in my home country in couple months for my studies.

    I was just there to improve my english for one year (i hope you guys can understand me lol)… anyway.

    Plus i didnt want to ask him for a relationship bc i thought he was not a serious guys and was probably seeing other girls.

    So at the beginning it was cool between us, no argues, no jealousy except if sometimes he was questioning me.

    Couple months later he figured i was talking with other guys fo real and he get mad he said its disrespectful and he told me "when u fuck with me you can fuck with other guys."

    Actually i was just meeting other guys with no sex, i just wanted to enjoy my time over there, go to the restaurant, discover new places and improve my english nothing wrong.

    But he really get jealous when we went out one time and he told me im the only one who can make him jealous like that. He believes in astrology and he think scorpio we love having so much attention without doing nothing lol. which is kind of true.

    That night we had the first serious big talk and he asked me to be exclusive. I was kind of happy bc even though i was seeing other guys he was the only one i wanted to be with.

    Starting to this day i stopped everything, but of course some guys was still texting or calling me bc they dont understand why i disappear like that. So we had some arguments about that.

    He introduced to his mom, then to his family.

    He told me later he fucked with other girls when we were just dealing each other and i wasn’t mad cause it wasn’t serious between us at this time. I just remind him his sentence when he told me i can’t fuck with other guy if im fucking with him but he was doing the same shit. But its ok at least he told me the truth.

    Couple weeks later he called me one morning and told me his ex GF of 2 years she saw my profile picture on Facebook took on his room and she figured it he was fucking with me so she get mad and she cried bc she realized she really lost him.

    He told me he was done with her but she is still on him so bad.

    I found that weird but he told me "if u dont trust me or try to talk to her im out bc i dont like drama » (BIG LIE : CANCER MAN = DRAMA QUEEN lol) So we talked about it but then i get over it.

    But one month later i decided to go though his phone while he was sleeping (i know its not good but) but i got my scorpio intuition and i saw couple emails about her.

    At the beginning (when we started to be exclusive) he was telling her to forget him and move on and its bc of her behavior it won’t be possible and she was like "WTF did i do, why u pick her over me u hurt me so bad !! « she was crying….

    but 1 month later texts changed and he was like "no im not in a fucking relationship with this chick i dont want her i want you back » and she was like « WTF im suppose to do ?? you want me now cause you know she is leaving and when she will come back u gonna trow me away »

    It was really painful for me to read that i felt betrayed. As a scorpio the next morning i pretend nothing and then i bring the conversation on the table and he get so f…kingggggg mad at me for going through his phone.

    OMGGGGGGG ! I was like "get out of my house im done you lied since the beginning you are a fucking weak cancer stuck on his ex or GF ».

    I would never go with a man if i knew he was already taken (BTW same story with my first cancer so thats why i was really really bad)

    But he was "the one mad" bc i saw the conversation so he fucked my room, he broke my chair, did a hole on my door, PSYCHOOOO i was trying to calm him down and for the first time i cried in front of him... i was trying to make him having pity of me. i had no choice (manipulation ? YES !) he wanted to fuck the whole house cause i told him i was done. WTF ??!

    He left (thank God) and the next morning he sent me a text and said "i apologyse about what i did to your rosary etc… im just asking you for your forgiveness".

    I played mature, texted him back and said i forgive you. Thats it !

    2 days later i wanted to talk to him bc i was bad and felt alone, we talked.

    And he said he told her about what happened between us and told me " i want to give her an other chance bc if she is so jealous and crazy now its bc of what i did on the past and i want to try one more time with her. she did a lot for me and you are leaving anyway."

    I was reallyyyyyyyy sad and then he said "but i still care so much about you and knowing you leaving afraid me cause i dont want to be on pain. and its hard to let you go but i still want to see you until you leave but we have to be discret cause she told me to not see you anymore and she is really suspicious about our instagram and Facebook"

    After that i decided to start again what i was doing before... meaning meet other guys. i had one month left before to come back im my country and i didn’t want to be so depress.

    I went out with a guy who begged me for my number, at the begging i said no i got a BF but then i said fuck that, why not ?? lets go out but i bring my GF so it doesn’t look like we are on a date. He said alright cool. i met an other guy that night who send me such a pretty bouquet of flowers at my house one morning !!

    During this week the cancer guy was trying to see me but i was busy (not bc of the 2 others guys) and knowing he went back to his girl i wasn’t not crazy to see him anyway.

    He told me i got something to tell you. So He came to my house and told me he wasn’t with his girl no more. i didn’t even ask why or what i just said ok. i was just trying to forget ad enjoy my last time with him.

    I didnt hide the flowers or delete my text from the 2 guys i just met bc i wanted to be honest with him (OMG i should have not)

    So i explained him about the flour guy he was disapointed and he was like "i should be the one send you flower thats how a guy is suppose to treat his GF". i think he was upset about that bc he can’t even afford that kind of sweetness. but then he understand.

    BUT then he went on my phone and saw the text with the guy who took me out with my GF and he went crazyyyyyyyyyy bc he know this guy (same hood) so he started to act like a psycho again he came to my room fuck the flowers... that was a mess !!!

    And then he told me « lets go see this guy i want my respect back" when we arrived around the hood we didn’t find the guy so i wanted to leave and come back home and be done with him.

    he didn’t want to let me go... he fucked my car !!!! he was like "get out of here" but if i were moving he would fuck my car more with his knife. Then i finally succeed to get out but with the car door open and me crying …. thats was a movie !!!

    then he texted me like a psycho all the night insulted me, threatening me to post our sex tape.

    he texted me for 2 days until i texted him back and i started to talked to him so bad too like i never did. but then he started to text me long mad text explain me why he act like that. he finally opened he heart and told me he is falling in love with a girl who is about to leave me, leave the country and he doesn’t even know when im gonna come back. he told me "how such a good person i am, nobody did nice things like that for him, im so fucking sexy and very strong very mature and he scared that somebody take me over him"

    we talked a lot and i decided to give him an other chance.

    2 weeks left : i decided to broke up with him bc i feel like he was not making any efforts to see me a lot knowing i was leaving in a few days

    when i told him i didn’t fuck with him anymore he just said ok fuck it but then he realize i was really serious.

    he called me like he never did text me so much, love text « i want to show you i love you, i can be the man for you, im a sweetheart, im a nurser, u are the woman i need i just treat you bad because of my financial situation which i should have not treat you that way anyway but i was insecure…. »

    he was begging me i didn’t reply. the next morning here we go again he said i couldt sleep, my stomach hurts me so much how you can do that just before you leave it doesn’t make any fucking sense !!! you doing you scorpio sting shit i hate that you got my head fuck up please give me an other chance…… »

    he convinced me once again, we went to his mom house that day for a BBQ i told her bye she hugged me a lot and wanted to keep in touch with me she told me to come back so i can marry her son to have the green card lol but i told her im moving back for my studies and i need to find my own way first.

    anyway the next day fuck up again he got me pissed off, i gave him the silent treatment he tried to called and texted me but he didn’t insist... i think i was fed up and i understand.

    2 days later i decided to call him back cause i thought i was pregnant and i was about to leave in 3 days !!!

    so i just texted him and say "can you call me back its urgent please and ts not about our stories."

    the same afternoon i got a call from his phone i thought he was him… guess who ? that same girl she told me "stop calling my man im his girlfriend and she hung up the phone. »

    I didnt even cry after that bc i felt like i did the good choice to break up first but i was just afraid to be pregnant of this weak asshole. i texted him back right away to tell him "i wanted to check something with him bc i think im pregnant i was late with my period (one week) and then i said but never mind. tell your GF i dont take the rest im not a garbage like her. dont contact me no more bc i won’t". i bloked him from everywhere.

    hours later i got a call from her mom, then a text she asked me to call her back but i didn’t want cause i thought he asked her to do that.

    and then she tried again and texted me "have a safe trip save my number and send me ur new number when you will be in your courtly feel free to call me anytime".

    the next day i decided to call her back bc i felt bad and i respect her, we talked a lot and i explained her the situation and how his son disappointed me.

    Anyway i came back to my country, i was really depressed especially the day of my flight bc i was thinking of him so much. but i didn’t try to call him back.

    and 2 weeks later (4 days ago) i got a call on whatsapp from him and he begged me to call him back.

    after a while i did and he explained me what happened.

    that day when the girl called me, he needed her to go to the dentist he had to take his tooth off and his whole body had to be sleeping (weird?) so dentist said he need somebody to go with him.

    he said you was ignoring me and she was the only one available bc she is not working the morning. then she took advantage of the fact i was fucked up to call you and said what she said i couldt do anything i was passed out !!!

    i knew about the dentist he told me he was about to go even his mom told me so i trust him about that but i dont trust him when he told me he tried to call me a lot and i never reply. bc even i blocked him thats a fact BUT he could call me with an other phone or with his mom if he really wanted to reach me.

    Even his mom text me the first day to check if i get home safe BTW

    so i was disappointed he waited 2 weeks to check on me and see if i was pregnant.

    thank god i wasn’t finally so i told him.

    the next day we talked like regular people, like we are cool now. he asked me about my new life etc…

    but then he started to say he miss me and then i told him how i felt the day when i left "that was a dark period for me leaving everything behind me, coming back in my country and feeling alone knowing i could be pregnant of somebody who lied to me about his GF since the beginning."

    Then he told me he didn’t get back to her, and he want to try new things differently with me at least just be cool with me for now.

    After these texts, he had me thinking and i said fuck that shit... i would never get over him if im still talking to him. i need to move on and be focus on my shit here, so i didn’t reply him back and i even blocked him on watsapp.

    next day he created an other account on instagram to ask me me "what happened why u blocked me on watsap 😞 " i didn’t reply and still

    I know its hard for him but its is for me too. i needed him when i was leaving and he was not there, i experienced that alone. that was a dark period i swear to god.

    im trying to get out of my dark period and now he is coming back to say he miss me and want to be cool with me ??? wtf ?? no ! its too easy

    so i was thinking i should be alone for now, i dont even feel to have sex with somebody else or having in a relationship cause all i want is him

    but because he is immature weak and insecure he is not ready. i know he is having a hard time bc of his personal situation.

    i decided to be focus on my life and its better for us and for for him too.

    once i will get over him (i would never really be over but at least when i will be able to handle my feelings) i can text him back and check on him see what is going on as a friend. but for now i need to protect myself

    i know he probably love me bc im different and he told me his mom really love me and the plan was when im done with my studies im coming back

    but now i dont know cause he is a cancer and my first cancer did shit like that and he was older 31. so obviously its not about age.

    He tend to be stuck on his past, and i think he still got feeling for this girl of course ! may be he just didn’t want to be alone cause im leaving.

    But even if im nostalgic AF and look back sometimes, scare of the change too, im a scorpio and im stronger than that. but he is not and his insecurities scared me so much. bc that fucked up our relationship.

    he should have be more clear with this girl, more involved in our relationship…

    now im just asking if he could change if his financial situation change, or if he is gonna be like that forever bc its his nature of cancer ?

    I have to say For now he is not really happy… 😞 im sad for him cause i know its hard but sometimes he acts so much like a baby and i want a man.

    So cancer man act differently when they get their situation done ? or they stil insecure and shilly-shally about sentimental life all their life ?

    Why he texted me back… does he really like me and think we can have a chance to be together one day ? or he just want to be relief by talking to me and check if i dont have a bad image of him ? cause i know cancer care about what ppl think of them

    Thank you for reading me.

    A scorpio girl loosing her mind by a cancer man...

  • This is a toxic unhealthy relationship that will never make you happy. It will only hurt you. This man is not your soulmate, not even close. Someone who really likes and loves you wouldn't treat you this way. He doesn't want your love, just to control and manipulate you as his sex slave/subordinate. While you waste your time with this nasty insecure guy, your true love cannot get to you. Cut this sad excuse for a relationship off before it hurts you even more. There will be no happy outcome here for you.

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