Help again Captain pls

  • Hello,

    RE: my sister Rachel - 10-28-48 and her husband 1-23-51. You told me he is not going to return.

    My sister is still hopeful of his return. They have been

    married 20 years that's probably why she is still hopeful. Maybe she will wake up so I told her

    I don't think he still loves you because if he still loves you he won't do this to you.

    So my question is, Am I right? Does her husband still loves her? I just feel so sorry for her I have to be honest with her maybe with that she will wake up. She is always in tears.

    Thanks and many blessings

  • This is not a good relationship for love. It's more like a brother/sister relationship, though there can be a rather dynamic chemistry. But, as much as the relationship can provide tremendous energy and forward momentum, it also will bring out friction and stress. Stability will be a problem if psychological strain or breakdowns in communications produce anxiety. This pair both have very different approaches to life - the wife is more emotionally oriented while the husband prefers to think his way through everything. Problems can occur through the husband wanting to change a lot of his approach to their life together and move forward, and the wife preferring to stick to her old ways. The husband is very freedom-loving and, if he feels his wife is too heavily influencing the relationship in her favour, he may feel his liberty to choose and make decisions is being eroded. This man will back off if his wife insists on showing controlling, suspicious or possessive behaviour, as she is wont to do. On the other hand, the wife's need for the deeper side of life could remain unsatisfied if the husband insists on holding back or refusing to acknowledge the extent of his own emotions. Neither partner is likely to be too open or honest with the other one, and so the relationship can suffer from a lack of sharing and deep communication. Marriage does not do well here as a consequence. It is quite an incompatible matchup and would never last forever.

  • Hi Captain,

    Thank you so much. I guess the whole family is right about her husband and have told her its time to let go of him. I guess she will one of these days. I always tell her to pray which she does. Hopefully one day she will be able to move on . I know she will but it will take time I guess.

    Thank you and many blessings to you & loved ones!

  • It's not so much her husband your sister must let go of but her resistance to/fear of change.

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