Could I have a reading please?

  • Would anyone mind doing a reading for me? I'm kind of torn between current career and new one and also about my parents and health. Thanks!

  • Hi Pilotguy, will try to get back to you within a few hours. please dont mention anything else. Want to see what the cards/spirit say with the info you provided.

  • ok thanks!

  • sorry wasnt sure you were still here.

  • From the top, i am getting that the decisions that you tend to make are more based on others around you, the reason being is that any decision you make affects others. It seems that in your career - you have made your mark or "found your place". So much so, that it seems boring or feeling of a need for a change. You always make informed decisions so don't rush into anything without looking at the entire picture. It seems that an "event" has left you feeling the helplessness of a child, you have been met by many road blocks and even a fair complected female who is making problems in the work situation. Now is not the time to let any situation get the best of you. You will be making a change in the near future in regards to work or career. A father figure with a connection to law or divinity will reach out to help you through a trying situation. You will soon be offered a business opportunity, the results seem to be favorable for you. It seems that a new partnership is in the horizon. Not sure if you are even interested in knowing anything about love situation because you didnt mention it, but it does seem that love is in the near future or a renewed love. I am sorry, but nothing regarding health or illness was brought out in the reading. The last thing, is that your future looks very bright. Good things seem to be heading your way. I will concentrate on the health of your parents strictly and see what spirit and the cards have to bring forth. Many blessings

  • sorry for the delay and hope this helps. I dont do this on a regular basis but its more of something that i feel i can build on to help others.

  • one more thing, did i read correctly? Is it your health or the health of your parents that you want to know about? I did see that you lean towards stress causing problems in your life. I know that is vague and can be true of alot of people. It seems that you let the stress go to extreme. Don't let this stress make you "disconnect" from where you need to be. Don't get reclusive or shut people out.

  • wow that's pretty amazing. I quite practicing law years ago and I was thinking about doing it again part-time while I try to build flight time to fly for airline. Good thing about illness; I was sick years ago and that is always on my mind.Love life is good; wife and I are thinking about a child. I am pretty blown away. Thanks so much!!!!

  • do you have any indication on what the trying situation is? my sister in law is fighting cancer and it's not looking good now. thanks!

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