My daughter, i need some help on this.

  • My daughter is in a relationship to no where. Will she ever wise up or is this going to go on forever. Also i live 1000 miles away from. Her. Will she. Ever move by me. Thank you

  • What is your daughter's date of birth? And her partner's, if possible.

  • Hers 12/3/87. His. 3/8/80

  • A little background, they have lived together 3x and now she moved around the corner. Going on for 4 1/2 years. She now has no friends and a little girl that's 4, who is afraid of him.

  • He is not her little girl s Father, he doesn't like kids.

  • There will be financial stability problems and unrealistic expectations in your daughter's relationship with this man. Your daughter has a curious original mind and can become easily bored, so she is searching for a partner who can stimulate and excite her both mentally and physically. But she can get caught up in this guy's 'flights of fantasy' and easily lose track of the reality of the situation. They both have a deep need for comfort and security, which they may deny or ignore or even ridicule, at a high cost to them. They should seek out security, not run from it. This relationship will tend toward the strange and unconventional, even peculiar. Seldom interested in the straight and narrow, this pair will go far afield to find what really stimulates and satisfies them, and they will rarely be content with middle-class values. Your daughter may see this moody, emotional man as interesting and exciting, at least for a while. But as she grows older and wiser, she will begin to see him as he really is, a complicated and private loner-type. I feel by the time she is thirty, her whole perspective to love and life and herself will have changed for the better. She needs to find a partner who respects her independence and need for freedom, but who will also give her plenty of love and support. There will be a lot of change and upheaval in her life this year while next year she will be happier and more settled.

    It is this independence of your daughter's that may prevent her moving to where you are living, though she may certainly visit. The energy between you when you get together can be a bit overwhelming and complex. Your daughter feels you disapprove of her choices in life. Life will never be a bed of roses between you then. A struggle for power can get out of hand here too. Your contrasting tastes and temperaments can be stimulating, but also divisive and alienating. Thus though you can have great times together, living closer to each other may cause problems for both of you. Your relationship will always have a long-term connection, it just may not be a physically close one.

  • You hit that right on the head. I just want her to be happy, and you are right about him being a loner. She is very pretty, and can do so much better. Also I know this about us, so I never say anything about him. I just hope she meets someone who loves her and my granddaughter. Thank you

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