• About a week ago I had a dream I was walking on a white sandy beach with my husband. We came to a clear water inlet or canal. My husband was going to step in but I said you don't know how deep it is. Beyond that there was a river or ocean with clear water as well. A young man walked up carrying a 5-6 foot long shark. He asked us if we thought it was a shark & we said yes. He put the shark downpn th sand. I sat on the edge of the water away from the shark & put my feet in. Suddenly my husband wasn't in the dream & this tall old man came walking toward me. I looked over at the shark & it was moving a little toward the water. I looked at the young man & he slipped in the water & was floating. I jumped in the get him out of the water & the old man helped me revive him. The shark slipped into the water & I woke up to helping the young man with the old man.

  • Someone in your life (is it you?) is feeling like a fish out of water. Issues of growing older also appear here and fears about your husband may be connected to this issue. Has your husband been exhibiting any signs that he is trying to look or feel younger or talking a lot about the 'good old days'? Or are you?

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