Captain need your help please

  • My sister Rachel was born on 10-28-48. Just curious what signs will be compatible with her. She is married to an aquarius. He is a mistake. They are separated right now.. Will he return? She still loves him but he is a player.

    Any help is appreciated. Many thanks

  • Your sister would be naturally attracted to Leos born July 23 to August 22. She has much to learn from such people, and this can be a fiery, intense and passionate relationship. But your sister must learn to take a risk, both in life and in love. She cannot keep making what she sees are 'safe' choices because, unless she trusts her intuition, her choices will not work out for her. When a risk is calculated and based on gut instincts, it is not reckless and can help a person move forward with their life.

    Your sister may have started her love life later than is usual, and it may be a while before she gains a lot of confidence in the love stakes. At the beginning of a relationship, she may come across as reserved and uncertain, but when she finally does open up to real love, she can surprise both herself and her partner with the strength of her passion and emotional confidence.

  • And I don't feel her husband will return unless he needs something from her. In other words, it would be for his benefit and not hers. He is not comfortable with feelings, whilst she is an emotional person at heart - two very different types.

  • Hi, Captain

    She has gone thru so much heartaches with her husband

    and she still wants him back. Well we have given all the help we can but she still wants him


    Again I do appreciate so much your reading. MANY BLESSINGS TO YOU & LOVED ONES

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