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  • Hi AstraAngel,

    its been a while since I requested a reading from you. Hope you are doing well.

    I was wondering if you could help me out a little with my current issue. I am in a relationship with a guy now for a year. It is a long distance relationship so I dont get to see him much. He is a very adventurer guy and travels a lot all the time. So just couple months ago he came to visit me in my city for a month and I found out that he cheated while he was on his traveling. I was a little bit hurt by it but was not completely shock as I think deep down inside me I knew this may happen and was hoping I can trust this person and that he will not. I am stuck in a position where I cant make a decision. I know he is a free spirit and will never want to settle down so I am not looking into marrying this person or anything. But because I really enjoy all the companionship that we have and I love traveling with him. Also he is the first person who I am be "me" like I am very open to him about everything and is not afraid of telling him how I feel.

    I know the best thing to do is to end thing and that will probably save the emotional torture from time to time and trusting this person again. But at the same time I want to hold on to the good times and experience we shared with eachother.

    could you please do a reading to see if this relationship is worth staying?

    thanks a lot


  • Hi cellisi,

    I am on a time limited computer here so am out of time, however I will look at this and get back to you hopefully tomorrow. best to you.

  • hi cellisi

    just getting back to you here. by the way please don't look to me for guidance, i can share what some cards seem to show, and can take what you like from that and let spirit or the wind guide you, i have no guidance for anyone. i do love to look at cards though! and i like to dream too... so, hopeless romantics all aren't we hah... i hope i am... x anyway i am also trying to look underneath the surface too, so that all adds up to good luck finding anything of use for you.

    so, i looked at you and him on three different occasions, and ran through a series of tarot cards for each spread, sort of looking back and forth with your dialogue patterns and how you two were approaching and backing away from each other at various points in the companionship. an d i saw from consistent patterns and will share that. (and take it with a grain of salt they are just cards you know..) anyway, one pattern i saw was you were always the first one in the relationship to back away from the other. three out three times, in the spreads, you were the first to retreat for some reason. he seems to be more the communicative sort of guy? like he likes to talk about life and share with you, and i wonder that sometimes he hits a little too close to home? and could make you a little nervous, and so you shy away a little. (this is under the surface material you understand, deeper than the travel things).

    the first spread you retreated when he played a three of swords, so that is pretty sincere sort of "can i really talk with you?" desire from him. when he said that you went back a little and said "begin begin" from the back of the field (so to speak). Which was you saying back to him, "hey. i dig the deeper talk you want to go to, yeah... but i am need to know about us,, our path together can we begin something together?" that is what i hear you asking him from a little in the distance.

    so that is another recurring theme i was seeing with you and him - and that is that you were really after path or intention clarifications at various times, and that was pushing him back some. i can also see some key event in each spread that could possibly relate to the "other involvements" matter. that definitely sent you to the back of the field, and he was the one that was running after you then, right? he told you about "it" and you were stunned and retreated. then it was HIM who was trying to beg time with you. and you kept your distance and it STAYS that way is what seems to be going on. my guess is that it is over, unless there is some really earnest path talk gets under way with you and him.

    what is really interesting though is that this last reading i did, HE was the one leading with that same "begin begin" statement with you, and then you back away from him there too. Something is going on with how you are reacting to him, more than what he is up to on the sidelines, you know? the real story here is with YOU cellisi - i think you will learn some really beautiful things about love and companionship as a result of these experiences. so you take a deep breath and tomorrow when that sun rises over those southern italian fields, you breathe deep and smile and say to yourself, "it may not be him... but somewhere... he's out there..."

    and then you go back to your vin rose and your newer bf,, who you just meet soon, like the other reader said.

    oh cellisi, sri i am goofy tonight... i hope i didn't just add to your concern, i think it wil all smooth over. would you like i will pray for the two of you? i am happy to do that, best and happiest outcomes you know? the thing is he does seem to be a very open and very interested in communicating gentleman so i an understand the attraction. you know, to be honest, someone like him could be good for you ? i mean. just let it all hang out with him, i think he really wants that with you a real "be yourself even if its nasty!" sort of relationship!! tough determined lovers! i mean you could be best of friends, something even CLOSER than any lover. you see? he would be perfect like that for you... maybe... you need someone like that dear cellisi, a man you can be yourself with, and open up to, and maybe you aren't the best of bedmates. but where it counts you know... really counts... deep down in your heart and soul... there, you are one and so committed to each other... my heart for yours, best friends forever... right?

    you reach the place where you can still send a card with that written on it, to a man who has told you the same news, that there is "another" on the side... and you are still able to send him the same best friend letters on and on... that would tell me you have found true love cellisi. and i bet its with him even though he has broken your heart. i think it is the most beautiful story in the world, and and i could go on and on about that.... if you came looking for any wise advice you found the wrong person cellisi ... love doesn't care about wisdom though... right?

    best wishes. sri it was sort of rambly. and if i made you mad about anything please don't take it personal! they are just cards like i said.

  • Hi AstraAngle,

    Not a problem. thank you for the reading though. It was a very interesting one I never thought about that Im that one that is pulling away. I always thought it was him but I am trying to adjust my emotion about "the event". I just had a talk with him about how I truely feel toward the event. I asked him to give me time as I am trying very hard to forget and I told him it is not easy so I hope he understand.

    thank you again,


  • Also forget to tell you, you always enlighten my emotion after seeing your reading. I love the way to write it. Im very grateful for it 🙂

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