Scorpio & Scorpio

  • I've just recently started dating a Scorpio. My feelings have been intense, and we are similar in alot of ways! I've never dated a Scorpio(unless you count my 1st kiss in middle school). His birthday is November 17, 1979 & mine November 2, 1978. Can give me some insight as whether we are a good match for a long term relationship? Thanks!

  • There are indications that this relationship can be problematic for love. Its roots can go very deep. Like and dislike are not the important motives here and free choice isn't really involved since there is a sort of inevitability about the relationship. Usually the two of you will be thrown together in a serendipitous situation, and you will come to realize that your fortunes may be inextricably linked in some way. Oddly enough, mutual understanding can be difficult, as if you had come from different planets. Over the years, however, if you stay together, you can discover your common origins and this process of self-discovery can become the focus of the relationship.

    Your love affair may be slow to develop. It can often take years for the two of you to begin to know each other, since you can both be very private and secretive. But exploring the meaning of your relationship together can lead each of you further on your path of self-realization. In marriage or a long-term relationship here, similarly agonizing or at the very least painstaking processes must be undergone before the two of you can finally agree to tie the knot, but once you do, you will rarely look back. Absolute commitment and trust are the keynotes for this relationship to succeed. Infidelities or even flirtations will not be tolerated. But, if the commitment feels at all repressive to either of you, it will not last. Encourage freedom of choice whenever possible. Follow your intuitions and your heart.

  • Thank you!

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