Please i would like a reading if anyone has some time free!

  • Hi i feel lonely and very depressed. I just wanted a reading on my relationship if their is hope or not as we are not talking anymore because he got scared and ran off. I just need to know this is the end or not or why things have come like this?

    Thank you effie

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  • Gino26,

    This is what I picked up,

    You are feeling restricted and you are having trouble making decisions

    You are upset, and you need to make decisions that are calm and thought out

    You are not listening to advice that was given you

    Having trouble being happy and you keep running into things that make you stop

    There is a woman that is being dishonest

    There is a guy you are attracted to that can be nice, but turn right around and be very mean

    There is a good older gentlemen that is trying to help you

    What you are going through you will get through, but at a cost

    You are going to put things on hold while you do you need to self reflect so you can grow

    You are going to feel shacken, you need to think and will be ok

    You will get through the obstacles and find a way not to stay melancholy

    Hope that helps,


  • Hi Tarotnick

    I do feel restricted because i dont have answers to what went wrong. I have tried to ask for answers from him but i havent got any.

    Yes i am upset of not knowing. The man that i was related to was 10 years older than me as you picked up. Dont know who the older man is trying to help me. Yes the man that i am attracted to is very nice but after i asked for answers i think that he wont want anything to do with me. Can you please explain who might be the woman that is dishonest with me and why?What would be the cost of me going through this. what is that you are picking up that i would feel shacken? Thank you for you time and effort. Please help me out in this difficult situation i just need some clarification. Thank you Effie

  • Gino26,

    The cost is emotions,

    If you let it, the feeling will over take you which is why you feel tied down and restricted.

    The older guy was nice, had a smile to him

    You will know the lady, there is an edge to her (I don't get names just feelings)


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