What is this person intent

  • can someone please do a reading for me concerning someone I'm not sure what their intention are concerning me his dob is 9/13/81

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  • soulconfusion,

    I will give you a reading but the reading will be on your feelings not anyone else's


  • ok thank you

  • Soulconfusion,

    You have strong emotions right now, there is love feelings then hate feelings

    You are centering your feelings on just you

    You want something that you used to have, and you are holding onto it...I don't feel growth

    You are getting ready to realize something, like an ah-ha moment

    This will allow you for something new

    You may feel sad and empty

    But you will have a turn of good luck

    You will listen to good advise

    You will be impatient, like I did all this work and I don't see what it got me

    You will makre what you need to work for you

    You may feel blah and try to please...you need to look at what you want and work for that goal

    Hope that helps,