May I have a general reading, please?

  • Hello,

    Whatever comes up, please. I feel as though the Universe is pushing me in the direction of change.

    Thank you,


  • Hi TMS

    hey i thought i would try to provide a reading for you.

    I just looked at ten cards (celtic cross tarot layout) and prayed that the universe convey something that you need right not, and get me out of the equation. I just want to be a clear channel to you from above, aok? and please, if you read this and it makes no sense to you at all, or you cant relate, then all i ask is that you be honest with me and just tell me that, so I don't waste my time trying to read for other people when the readings quite often just seem to relate to me. (like this one just did). so i have my questions about the reading efforts ever really helping any one else. but maybe that is just my point of view anyway here is your reading...

    1. question or setting - (and I use greek letters for the cards at first so we don't immediately jump to some picture of a crying figure and conclude okay that is me crying... that isn't the point. so this is ETA GAMMA (child) or the 7 of swords. that is combining 7 themes which are imagination and fantasy and spiritual la la places sometimes, with your communication efforts. So at this time you are trying to TALK or think more about spiritual places or god or something. That is your present life mode it seems. What is crossing that is

    2. crossing - Delta (parent). So you have a "parent" theme area crossing you as the child, and the parent will win in that situation. So you are feeling some struggle between your communication of spirit places, and a need to be very practical and basic and down to earth. Something has driven you into more of a spirit-la la land place lately and that is NOT your true nature. Your true nature (as we will see with card 4) is more of a very basic, secure and dependable (4) sort of place in life. You do not do well with flakiness and weird insecure places, you like things SPELLED OUT clearly and especially in your play-relationship efforts getting to clear understandings is very important to you.

    what has cause this present spiritual + communication focus for you is something that happened relatively recently, that threw you into being forced to make a choice in a completed emotional situation. And you chose to go with

    1. recent - kappa beta or, transitioning in play themes (where relationships begin and toy-play-hobby-creative places begin) - so something completed for you emotionally and it was ending apparently. something emotional ended and you chose to move on completely from it rather than to try and start over, or "repair it". so you just walked. And that sent you into some sort of spiritual search communication pattern, so maybe you find yourself praying more, or trying to talk it out with others for help, maybe counseling, however your real nature is basic and secure so all of your spiritual communication efforts are not really helping.

    Your history in life, what is more deep down in you going all the way back into childhood is

    1. delta alpha (4 of wands) which is a basic foundation of purpose.

    SO here is what i see going on with you, bottom line just to cut to the chase. You are seeking reliable and dependable PURPOSE and direction in life, however, you have an extremely deep and rich emotional life, so what has been happening for you a lot is that you are trying to play and be true to your feelings, and inevitably that leads to situations with others where your communication with others is being threatened by your own passionate nature, which means you are trying to have dependable relationships with others, and so you are trying to communicate effectively and then - something trigger and emotional response in you and you tend to become much more emotionally fueled in the dialogue effort... the other party can't relate, and something happens that caused that emotional sharing effort with them (or her or him or a group even) to END. and then you just gave up and decided to transition out completely emotionally, and you start praying to the angels to take you to another planet where they CAN relate to you.

    The "best" for your life where the universe is ultimately trying to take you is

    1. best - beta gamma (or two of swords) which IS in fact very secure play communication combination. it means being able to emote through effective dialogue, so that you ARE sharing and following your heart, while at the same time your words are being expressed in effective and sincere ways without being too hot or empassioned. I think that is mostly what is happening for you is learning about your emotions and how to manage them so that you can continue to be faithful to them, while at the same time being able to communicate effectively about your feelings.

    Your attitude lately is

    1. self - eta gamma (child, repeats) so this is showing very strong "spiritual place" in your thinking and communication efforts, so this is the "bias" in your life right now, you are bringing this bias intro everything and trying to see life as a "spiritual" or mystery communication pattern opportunity. Like, if you walked into Krogers today and someone has a flyer on the bulletin board in the store that announces a "spiritual talk about our emotions, how to trust the angels to fix it all" you would be scrambling for a pen in your purse to write down the address and time. "Yes yes! that sounds like just the thing i need right now! to find other heavenly minded people to talk to about our (hopefully mostly my) feelings!" so this is a sort of constant theme for you,

    the thing is your delta parent (earth, four square basics of life) is pulling you back down to earth all the time, back into basic and secure physical reality, so the "spiritual or fantasy place" of communication effort isn't really helping.

    1. house - theta beta (8 of cups, child) - this is also not helping you - an atmosphere around you that is highly emotionally charged and tries to always be in motion. This will be a problem because the place you are heading into in the near furture is

    2. ahead - epsilon beta (5 of cups) - and this means all engines stop emotionally. You will feel pretty numb in a 5 place emotionally, rather lifeless emotionally, and that is going to be GOOD for you even though you may feel depressed at times. That is okay because that is helping to see that it is OKAY to feel numb too! to have NO feelings so that if someone asks you how you are feeling, like at your job, your best friend "Babs" greets you at the water fountain and she is all smiles and giggly happy about something and looks at you and asks, "how's it going for you TMS?" and you will reply, "um.... i feel dead inside." right? you see, that would be an honest response of the five of cups beta, it is a stopping point and that will feel lifeless. Babs will try to snap you out of it though, "Aw... come on tms... sheesh... life is wonderful why so blue baby?" and you are still not going to feel anything any different. Just tell Babs that you are on some new medicine and that it one of the side effects is... just tell her anything... sorry babs gotta run, have a meeting with the sales team...

    3. hopes and fears - chi (judgment) so here is that kappa transition again , i just want to LEAVE life is sort of the theme. which is an honest response if your life experiences are not matching up with what you imagined they would be. So you speak from your heart to others, convinced you are speaking with great depth of feeling and surely they will understand! and they just look at you quizzically and you finally just give up and walk away.

    That theme of walking away from emotional settings is a pattern i think... you can't deal easily as the temps rise emotionally so your pattern is to just leave, transition out of it, try to forget the past and "move on" which is another kappa/chi code word.

    1. outcome - kappa beta (child, ten of cups again) - so here again you can see where you are heading - you HAVE been experiencing a lot of emotional transitions, and that lead you to read more books on "what makes men and women tick by Angel Serpo" and you are searching for spiritual answers or something... meanwhile, all that is going on is learning to accept your feelings feeling dead sometimes and just transition through it anyway. so i think just plowing on emotionally in life, while you learn how to dialogue with someone else in a nice balanced way, and it can still be emotional and yet calm and gentle. THAT is the journey that a lot of us are making these days (me too for sure) and it is really long haul project. for YOU the best is taking you to that place though and is the whole reason for your emotional and relationship situations going up in flames sometimes, is to help you learn, training you, how to handle emotions and transitioning emotionally, while being able to talk in those setting effectively and calmly..

    That is mostly what i see for you based on these results. Earth patterns are really good for you right now, anything solid and simple that you can devote yourself to, can be very good for you, that means simple pleasures, whatever you do that you enjoy that is very basic earthy patterns (hobby, walks, making little crochet hearts to put on the wall) anything that is basic meat and potatoes activity for you is good, the fantasy lands of the mind, and hoping the angels will swoop down with just the book you need probably isn't going to happen. What IS going to happen is feeling stopped in your emotions and revisiting that transitional emotional event from your past and learning to live and love through it all. Which will ultimately land you in beta gamma (2 of swords) which will be a wonderful experience for you because THERE you wil finally find a partner or situation where you at last feel like you re being heard, without everyone just ending up screaming or slamming the door in your face.

    there, i hope that helps in some way TMS!

    (and take it all with a grain of salt too, these are my own associations we all make them.... still .. i hope it is a blessing somehow...)

  • i meant to type, "that the universe would convey something that you need right NOW..."

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Thank you so much for doing this reading for me! I can really relate to it. I am going through a period of uncertainty, and while I haven’t actually “walked” from my significant relationship yet, in my mind I have decided to do so. I have turned to spirituality / prayer / counseling to try to find a solution – and to give my unhappiness some meaning – but in reality the real solution lies in something much more basic and earthly: increasing my sense of security.

    Number 4) Delta Alpha exactly describes my current situation. Communication is an enormous struggle, and yes, it is very emotionally charged (on my part) and I don’t feel heard. There is little dialogue and I feel exhausted.

    I laughed because I actually have been reading books on "what makes men and women tick.”

    What is the time frame for 6) ahead - epsilon beta (5 of cups), please? Also, is there a time frame for 3) best - beta gamma (or two of swords), or does it mean that working through my current experiences as described will eventually (but who knows when) lead me to the place of the two of swords?

    Thank you again! The two of swords place sounds very nice and restful. I hope I do arrive there eventually.

  • hello themysticalside

    you are welcome on the reading and happy you got something from it! i am always changing little things in how i do these so it helps to hear feedback as you provided, so thank YOU very much for that!

    as for your questions, i am really not a timer or good at the time questions honestly i am not even going to pretend to be able to guess. however i think whatever is ahead for you, and i know with all of my heart it will be so beautiful for you, is already growing now. so it isn't like one day you don't and then the next day you do, it just seems to evolve over time. something to consider?

    in light of where i am at, at the present time let me look again and see if that effects what i said before.

    so here is what i see -

    the 10 of cups (past)0

    to the present 7 of swords

    to the future 5 of cups...

    represents your transition at this time... you are making the turn from the 7 of swords (dreamy sort of mystical places like sounds to be in your nature). and so that is what is fading now for you not as much of that realm, of the dreamy thoughts - and now growing with each day now, is this 5 of cups (what i call epsilon-beta) which is pause and view related to your emotional life, play and childlike nature as a beta. so that means you are really heading into a very peaceful idyllic emotional happy place at peace - AND able to view your life and surmise what you will from that. it is a reflective time of your child like nature that is growing (perhaps, this is all speculative on my part you understand 🙂

    so what i see now is that the "outcome" of the ten of cups is a step to the 5 of cups, in other words it appears that first you make this feeling-play-child nature transition of that area.

    so that implies tms that you have closed out a play-feeling pattern in your life and are saying to the universe "i am ready now to transition beyond this, i bless it, release it and turn my face toward my future and all the bright places awaiting me!" or something like that.

    so in some way after you transition or at least get that well under way in your play nature, then you settle into a nice epsilon beta that is super relaxed and at peace with all of your play areas (feelings, emotion, any partnering areas, childlike, toys, innocence) all of that will be in a very nice nice reflective place for you.

    i will be honest i am calling into question the 2 of swords (beta gamma) being the "best" it is simply the above you right now, which shows a playful mental state so that sounds like you are generally keeping an upbeat and playful view toward all that is happening for you, so that sounds great! keep that up that is working for you.

    how does that sound? sorry i wasn't able to answer the timing questions, i guess i just cop out and say the "future" is growing for you! haha...

    okay themysticalside have a great day


  • So sorry Astra, I have been super busy with work (including last weekend)! I'll reply properly next weekend. Thank you so much for doing the second reading.


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