Tarot-nick can i ask you for a reading?

  • Could i have a reading from you, please?

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  • I didn't forget you,

    I'll try tonight


  • ok 🙂 thank you, whenever you have time

  • Moomalisa,

    You can smile again

    Take a breath, blow out slow and recharge

    You will have a hard time juggling more than one thing so you need to focus

    There is going to be change, but from that change new things will open

    Fighting and quarreling, need to step back and control emotions

    There are obstacles that you need to work through

    Feels like things just slip through your fingers and you can't control it...sand through the fingers is the image

    You have mistrust and fear of it not working

    Don't do something just to do something...put thought behind it...think first

    If you work hard you can get what you need

    Want it and work for it and you can make it happen


  • oh i don't know if i can smile when you write about fighting and quarreling and obstacles... lol,

    yes, there is a lot of work ahead of me and i will certainly have to make good use of organizational skills. What worries me most is that i do not work in friendly surroundings which makes things more difficult. i feel there is a lot happening behind the scenes, a lot i am not supposed to know about, also things that threaten my position at work. i do not trust...

    Thank you Tarot-Nick for the reading. 🙂

  • HelloTtarotNick, can you pick up on my feelings, please?

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  • I didn't forget you...It's been crazy here so I try and get one done a night....hopefully tonight

  • thank you TarotNick, take your time...

  • Hi moonalisa,

    This is the second spread, but some obstacles need to be seen to deal with, here you are

    There are obstacles, you get through but it is at a cost

    Feeling stuck, look at the bigger picture, not just what is in front of you

    A pause, disapointment, things didn't work out like you wanted

    You will find a small smile, like a smirk

    A change in a big way, but at the end a new door and new choices

    You feel threatened and it's causing you to freeze

    There will be someone you will be able to trust, (a guy)

    A different younger guy is lying and being false

    You are carrying trouble with you, and I feel like it's what about me type of feel

    It is up to you to make a change, you have to want it and then make it happen

    Know tears and hurt are coming and that you need to deal with it, even though you are not going to want to be nice or share or give...find a way to give, that little spark will help not just you but whom you give it too, won't be easy, but it starts by giving a little smile...and share, a little love

    A tough one;

    Hope that helps,


  • Thank you TarotNick, what does it mean i am carrying trouble with me? can you be a bit more specific? and is this young man lying to me or about me to somebody else? what do you feel?

  • It felt like you were hurting yourself, your actions or thoughts are part of the cause. The direction or change will be hard to come by because lets say you felt well it's not my problem or I didn't cause it. Not seeing outside the bubble doesn't let you see how to escape yourself.

    I didn't get a good feeling about the younger guy, too slippery and wants what he wants. So what ever the situation is be sure that it is for his direction or benefit not anyone else.

  • Hi TarotNick, can i ask you to pick up on my feelings, please?

  • moonalisa,

    You know you are an honest person and you do the right things

    and it's ok if sometimes you want to be alone with your thoughts

    there is a change coming, but the change will open doors

    you have had little wins and that is giving you courage

    there is something you are not sure about, goes back to the first card, something doesn't feel right or doesn't fit what you want and you are cautious...there is a reason, figure it out

    don't do something because you think you have too, trust your instincts

    if it is something that you used to do or have always done it, that is not the reason to continue

    a struggle over something, but keep doing the right thing and fight for what you want

    once you fight for whats right, you will see positive results

    you may not see success, but doing what is right will be ok

    but you want to see results right away, like it is not happening quick enough you get impatient

    hope that helps,


  • Thank you TarotNick for your help:)... i will digest your reading and see if i have any further questions ok? Yeah, i think doing the right thing is important for me...

  • the same request TarotNick:)...can you pick up on my feelings please?

  • moonalisa,

    you have a couple of things hitting you at once...an unsure feeling

    you need to concentrate, look at the big picture, don't make a snap judgement

    I get the feeling you are not even putting a lot into it...add that to the thinking

    I would hold off making a decision if you can...think it though

    a shift in the reading...change of subject..something will make you happy

    another shift...a guy I don't like ...mean spirited...wants what he wants

    you will listen to good advise...be open

    A woman looking out...watching...she is quick witted...listen if you can

    some happiness...a content feeling

    the good feeling will help...like ok I can do this again

    some obstacles are still there but you have been refreshed to handle them

    Hope that helps,


  • Thank you TarotNick, have wonderful Christmas 🙂

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