Birthday reading

  • It is my birthday today and I would love to get a reading!

  • Hi brightmoonshine,

    and happy birthday! 🙂

    I can take a look and share...

    this is a celtic cross reading....

    1. your present setting - six of wands, that sounds nice! 6's to me are social and relating with others and this is in paths and roles, so that sounds like some sort of intention with others is going on with you.

    2. crossing that - ace of pentacles - so a beginning! of earth, physically materially. so this is a crossing street you are facing right now, you are travelling along on the 6 wands street and you come to this crossing with ace of wands blvd. and that means you are stopping to look both ways on this beginning of something of a physical nature, so that must have some connection with the social path situation, and this ace of pentacles is important then to understand before you can cross that street.

    3. best above - 10 of swords - so this is the best for you from the universe point of view, 10's are transitions and in swords it is in communication and intellectual areas. so there is some sort of intellectual, a transition of thinking in some area.

    4. below, history - two of cups - this is affirming emotionally something, play patterns, usually very innocent and childlike, simple pleasure. this is the "history" in the reading, this would be going back and is possibly a more subconscious ever present theme for you that you might be aware of.

    5. recently - 5 of wands - so there was some viewpoint of your path recently that would have caused you to stop and come to some sort of understanding of your direction in life. viewpoint and that led to the present 6 wands. so path and role and your goals have been a real concern for you lately and has placed you with others in some way now (6 wands) in paths. it was like you came to a place recently where you paused in some purpose and you had questions about it, and then you resolved that by saying "i will do this with others"

    6. ahead - 9 of swords - so this is starting to tie into the "best" for you. there must be some intention you involved with, it was stopped for a while, and then you picked that back up with others involved, and then ahead it seems you reach some conclusion of your thinking about that. and the best in this is to continue on transitioning in that thought.

    7. self - this is your attitude at present as regards your setting - 4 of swords - so here again are swords, so this path you are involved with others in is really giving rise to some analysis about that. and your attitude or predisposition about it 4 of swords, or basic, nurturing patterns of thinking. it is like every time you think about this socially involved purpose you say to yourself "i will nurture this, i think this is dependable and secure," or you are trying to convince yourself of that. however what is ahead is a conclusion of thinking about it so that you move away from saying "this is okay this is okay" and you instead begin to say, "this is completed this is over" and then the universe is leading you to eventually transition all the way through it, in your thinking about it or the way you are communicating with others about it. it is like the unverse wants to bring you to a place where you at last say "i am leaving that path with others behind," and the crossing is to overcome the physical beginning that was involved in that. like you decided to start something materially with others, and yet you keep thinking or trying to think positive thoughts about it, only to finally reach a conclusion that it is finished, and ultimatly to "it is behind me i am leaving it"

    8. house, influences around you - the lovers - so this is an outer influence around you lately - the lovers which i tend to see as a divine spiritual theme, so there is something of a spiritual or divine love influence around you that is influencing you as you are saying "this is dependable" you are also feeling some very strong divine presence around you at the same time.

    9. hopes and fears - ace of pentacles - ah so now i see why the crossing, this is new physical beginning is something you have really been hoping for, and that is associated with this path involvement with someone else or a group. and there has been some thinking about it that is soon to become a "this is concluded" thinking.

    10. outcome - wheel of fortune - so this is where matters are headed for you right now - something is turning you away from a social connected path you have really been hoping would work out, there is the two of cups below all of this, and there is some thought you keep having that "this is is secure this is secure" and yet you will soon be whistling a new tune "this is complete this is complete" and then ultimately you will be led to say "i am leaving this behind i am leaving this behind" and the wheel seems to say it is out of your hands, this serves a divine purpose in your life. the atmosphere around you is the lovers so that is a parent, spirit sheltering you or covering you keeping you safe through this transition.

    so in general it seems some significant transition for you soon, that will help clear your mind about a lot of things, and then life will be much nicer simpler and it seems mainly this is to calm the thoughts. so you may be asked to let go of the ace of pentacles, the physical beginning as that is what is challenging you right now, once you do that, the other pieces will fall into place for you. The key for you is TRANSITION.

    best wishes for the best new year of your life!


  • Thank you so much and I totally understand this, I have a job and i thought that it was going to work out after all , but no it won't,so I have something else on my mind but I need to do some research!, thank you again!

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