For Shuabby - need some insight.

  • Hi Shuabby,

    May I have some insight on this situation - if you happen to see this thread?

    My ex - I still attend his dance class but we hardly communicate aside from that. But he interacted with me in the latest class - wanted me to be his partner when we split into groups etc. Did not exactly turn out that way. But I was wondering if there is something unresolved on his part towards me? Or was I a substitute for someone else that he's really missing?

    The song is about a push-pull relationship. May have read too much into his actions. Not sure.

    I still have a soft spot for him - though I know we're not right for each other. I cannot seem to completely forget this man and we only dated for mere months...many years ago. This Saturn in my sign thing...think I'm being tested, maybe he is too. To not give in to temptation - when it's right there in your face.

    Would greatly appreciate your insight and advice.

    And a final thing - how do we move towards absolution - if there is past life karma there? I feel it strongly that just as he is my instructor, I am meant to teach him but indirectly, passively and randomly... about learning to reconnect with himself, to have hope.. I sense that he is suffering from depression.

  • Dancer,

    You would need to get a past life reading to help you understand the move towards absolution with your ex. I feel that he enjoys dancing with you that you are a good dancer and your energy flows well when you dance together. You already know that you two do not get along well enough to make a lasting relationship. He may be having some disappointments bring him down , yet I see him in the sunlight soon and happy, yet he is alone. He can make it without a relationship, as his expectations may be to high for any mortal woman to meet. Is he an Aries?

    You will find another man that is more suited to your wants needs and desires in the next six months , I hear the name of Harry here. He may well be the one sent from above to be the man that closes the door to your heart for any other.


  • Thanks Shuabby!

    My ex, B, is Gemini. Am glad to hear that he will be happy soon - he deserves that.

    It's weird that when you described him there, I felt you were talking about me. In some ways, B is like my mirror, my twin - we struggle with some of the same issues. I too feel that i can make it alone and I have been happy being single. It's just that I realize that I'm lonely too. But I have a solitary/Hermit nature, and so far, I have not met anyone who would be happy to be my friend, playmate, and lover, while giving me a tremendous amount of alone time. Maybe as you say, it's something no mortal man can provide. B actually fits some of my expectations...the irony.

    But you mentioned - Harry and it sounds exciting 🙂 Does it mean what i want actually exists? He exists?

  • Dancer,

    You will soon know that he does exist. Time changes us all and you will be rethinking your life and how you live it in a few short years.

    Good to hear from you,


  • Thanks again, dear Shuabby 🙂

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