Birthday Psychic Reading Please.

  • My birthday was yesterday and I would be most grateful for a reading.

    Thank you all.

    Radiant Sun

  • Radiantsun,

    Here is a pick up on your feelings.

    There is a guy who is distrustful and plotting.

    You will be ok but it will take some time and it bothers you.

    you will bok but it will take some time and it bothers you.

    The plotting will take a lot out of you but when it's done you will be able to have new thoughts and direction.

    Use your mind and your thoughts you can make what you want you just have to think it and then do it.

    The burden you carry around only hurt you you need to find a way to lessen it and you will feel better.

    There is something about money and paying attention to family they seem to go together.

    You're not happy about something that happened with money you seem disappointed.

    There is a woman you're worried about she's not being nice and she's being sneaky but she is smart and knows how to play so just be aware.

    There is tension and indecision you need to think carefully and thoroughly to do what you need.

    Because she will not feeling strong it feels like somebody is holding something over you this makes you sad so you need a way to figure how to make things right can work for you.

    so you need a way to figure how to make things right murphy you.

    Things will work themselves out there will be a balance. It will take some work to get there but you will.

    Hope that helps,


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  • Glad you were able to read through that, I did the writing on the tablet... speaking into the mic...won't be doing that again....hahahahaha I thought my writing was choppy before.

    Yes you got the gist, the burden you carry only hurts you. Find a way to complete what you need to do with your ex; once that is done with leave it behind... it doesn't bother him but it drags you down.

    Then you will be able to move on, figure out what you needed to learn but most of all take a deep breath and let go.... enjoy your son and swat the knat is buzzing in your ear... don't let it be the only sound you hear...if you do you won't enjoy everything else that is open to you....

    oh by the way I enjoyed the pictures you use to share, I would open up that thread just to see what pictures you would post next....hahahaha


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  • She strikes me as a strong person, she just may need to retreat for herself for a while. A regroup type of thing.

    My readings tend to show what you need to hear now, with some glimpse of what may come. Instead of anticipating of what is to be, your choices now will affect what is to come. I think its the bases of enjoy the journey and not the destinations, not that I always listen to that advise myself...because I just stressed out...waiting for something to happen, but I am getting better at it. Even though I know it was going to work...if I believe my own reading... I still worried, its what we do....hahahaha

    It usually takes about a month to run thru the reading if you want next month...give a yell and I will do another one.

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