Taking a Few Requests to Channel Loved Ones

  • Marsc135, Asked for guidance several days ago. Spirit started coming thru then. Until I confirm your w/me, I don't actually start. One of the images I got was of a drink like a mixed drink. I feel like someone died alone or was found alone. Feel as though someone passed outside. Did someone die along-side a road. Feel as though this person was a male. Some people found this person and could have moved this person--not clear on involvement w/these people. Spirit is bringing forth hands, wants to bring forth hands. Also, old gravestones. Perhaps buried in or around old gravestones. I feel as though someone had an addiction. First impressions involved a female presence. Alternating images that can't decipher. Felt as though someone or somebody lived in a populated area.

  • Wow, I'm not sure about any of this. I don't know anyone that died. On side of the road. As far as dying alone, I have no idea. Thanks for trying.

  • Marsc135, Ok..think about it and let me know if you can identify. Something might come to you in the way of a friend, neighbor etc. Something that occurred a while back.

  • I think I might have been passed by accidently, if you are up to it can you get to me, please. Thank You Julie48

  • Hi Daliolite,

    I wasn't sure how to address this, but I noticed that you also missed me. That's OK! It's easy to do in these threads. But, while I was scrolling through the thread, I couldn't help but notice the post to marsc135. What you described sounds exactly like the circumstances that a man in my area died and was found under. You mentioned hands- the man died outside of unknown causes. His body was found in a wooded area by a road. While doing research on the case, I found out that for whatever reason, his hands were never found. He would have been moved, perhaps to the spot where he was found or to be taken to the morgue. The old gravestones- most of our indigent population and those who have no family or are unidentified are laid to rest in an old Mennonite cemetery. I've felt a connection to this man because I think he may be someone that I knew. He remains unidentified, however. It just seemed like a very odd coincidence. I'm not sure why this would come through, but spirit has been known to work in mysterious ways. I contacted someone about this case and shared some information about the man's possible identity, but nothing was confirmed. If this is the same man that came through, he probably wants to make sure his loved ones know who he is, so that they can have closure.

  • Thank you for sharing this, because I was stumped, I couldn't relate to anything.

  • Hello,

    Would love to hear from my Mother or Father.

    Thank you for sharing.


  • Juliem48, Yes, I took a break because I started taking an evening class and felt that my energy was scattered because I just started not too long ago. I wasn't sure if you all were still following me. I can start again now. Because I'm channeling for a group of people, it may be best if I approach it as that. I'll start yours next. Because this is a group setting and spirit comes thru at will, you may want to hang-out longer to see what I pick-up on. I try to do my best to channel for you but someone else may come thru and I communicate what I'm picking-up on. So, I'll start yours soon.

  • Mh83, Yes, I'm gonna start again. I got started in a class and been busy, didn't mean to pass anyone by just didn't know if you were still w/me. Going to approach this as a group read which means you probably should hang-out for awhile as spirit comes thru at will, random sometimes. I try to go in order but I can see doesn't always turn-out this way. I'll start yours after Juliem48 and at that time I'll see if spirit offers anything else regarding the man. That (apparition) was something that basically appeared to me as I was doing these readings. I can also see that sometimes I can't connect for everyone. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Mistofemerald, Yes, after Mh83.

  • Mh83 and Juliem48,

    I'm doing this as a group reading for the two of you. I'm getting over-lapping energies so I'm hoping that you can identify whose coming thru. I'll try and separate as much as I can.

    Mh3, The man who was found--I feel his hands were placed in a plastic bag. The group that did this doesn't want him to be identified. He's showing me a woman that he was close to. I feel they were married at some point. The woman is blonde, pretty. Spirit uses the means available to communicate; uses what I have in my environment to communicate, in other words. I'm getting that he was tall and took several to move him. I'm getting a mottled (sp) face which is my symbol for suffering--he suffered before death. The message is that he's in a better place. At different points while channeling, there was a feeling of a plane or jet. There's also a feeling of an ocean. Feel that there's a blonde, pretty woman who can identify him. He's showing me that he thought she looked like a model. I feel like this man was outdoorsy type and may have traveled.


    Dogs are coming thru, beloved animals. #3 and three hearts assoc w/this spirit. I felt as though 2 passed together or are together. A dachsund looking dog, with the long nose and a fox-looking breed. Felt as though a younger person died. Spirit here is communicating alot w/hearts. Some issue w/the ground--perhaps two are buried together. Feel like one passed from anothers' malady. I'm being shown hugs like a mother hugging a child. Flowers are being brought forth. Strong mother presence. Nurturing presence.

  • Mh83, This spirit has made a great effort at showing me and his GF's face.

  • Daliolite-

    Can you describe what this man and his girlfriend looked like? How old was he when he passed?

  • mh83, Don't know if you know anything already--actually, I've seen 3 impressions. At first, saw a face of a man w/a woman. Later, saw what I believe is the same person, only older. The image of the two was a happy one. He had a mustache, kinda rugged. If I saw a picture could identify. The later image was the same, more rugged, longer hair, headband around the forehead. I can't pinpoint age at death. I believe at one point in his life he was above-average in body build. My guess is that he was prob older than 40 at time of death. If not, time had taken a toll. Did they lay him to rest. For whatever reason, his spirit is still here. Is he buried by a large tree or around trees. If not, he may be the only surviving family member. Saw something pertaining to him around a tree and trees are my symbol for family.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    I'd love if you could try again to get a reading from my ex bf and first love who had passed tragically in august. Any messages? Thank you

  • news14ng, I have one ahead and then I'll try.

  • Mist of Emerald, Need to know if you're still w/me.

  • MistofEmerald, Need to know if you still are w/me.

  • Thank you 🙂

  • Hello,

    I sure am still with you. I am open to hearing from anyone in spirit , but mainly my Mother or Father.

    Thank you for your time and effort on my behalf.


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