Taking a Few Requests to Channel Loved Ones

  • Juliem48, Still doing these. Leinida is next. Will get to yours.

  • Ok. All I really hoped for was a message from my father. Thanks very much for doing that, Daliolite.

  • Hi Daliolite, I see I am next, do your best and thank you. ......... Leinida

  • Leinida, Check back in few days. Sun or Mon will be my Sunday. Not sure which right now.

  • Leinida, First, someone close to me is having problems so I'm hoping what I'm dealing with will not play-out in your reading. I'm getting several impressions. You'll have to help piece all of this together. I'm seeing a woman with a circular shaped hat on top of the head. The kind that has a large flower to the front and side. Could be a woven type hat. This woman is pretty anywhere from 30 to 50. Early-on in the reading felt like someone was found on the ground prob face down. This person feels like a man. I'm seeing a partially clothed person and another looking at them. Hard for me to identify why I'm seeing this. Could be someone in hospital or someone identifying someone. Last night I heard a scream seemed it was a male. I initially felt as though someone was hit by something or struck and they needed to be identified. Night time and headlights are being brought forth. Several times I've seen 2 figures like a parent and child discussing something--have no idea what this is. Christmas time and the song Silent Night were brought-out. Something about a casket being mentioned. Whether or not to let it be open or shut or perhaps only you were able to view the body. Spirit usually shows me the departed. At times, I felt as though they were showing me you with someone that passed that was either found or in the hospital-partially clothed. There's a feeling of movement w/someone like they were going somewhere. I heart is being sent and again it's close to the ground like a lot of this and I don't know the meaning. This is all I have for now.

  • Hi Daliolite, I have kept my self away from 2 family members, one for 3yrs (female) and one for 10yrs male. they have both somehow entered my life again somehow I get talked into trying again

    The women was photographed many yrs ago and yes she was very beautiful physically and the part that interests me is.. YES... the portrait is a large black & white & she is wearing a lovely hat that moulds around her face Her beauty always out shined her personality.. she is not well and very difficult to be with. the man was in hospital he apparently discharged himself yesterday, he is older but still a drug addict and he almost past on from bad drugs.I feel all I can do is meditate & pray for both their causes, as they have dragged me down many times. My mother passed in hospital I arrived to seeher half dressed & on her last breath.She passed a few hours latter, I always hoped that she knew I was there. I have had signs that someone is around me that has passed I feel it is a male, could be my father , my brother, or I really think it could be my ex-husband the father of our fantastic children who left me....he. re-married and passed away a few yrs later. His new wife had him cremated , So there was no coffin just a memorial with his picture, My children where very upset as it took along time to get over. We all had difficulty with closer. So this could be us looking with the question WHERE IS THE COFFIN., Where is DAD ?My kids where in their early twenty,s at the time. I hope some of this helps you to see or feel more .Thank you for your time . ... Leinida

  • Leinida, Yes, I believe your mom knew that you were by her side as this is the way spirit showed this. Did you ever find out where your ex-husb is. I got a lot of images of someone being close to the ground is the only way I can explain it. Made me feel like a traffic incident. I see things in signs and symbols. I also see images of faces. Thought at times about drawing these. I just don't have the time. I got the addiction part but forgot to include it. The addiction assoc with the lady. I feel it's very stange if you don't know where your ex is--is this right that you don't know. I feel that he's bringing this point forward in what I'm picking-up on.

  • Daliolite, His new wife was from England althou she still lives here in Canada she apparently took his ashes to england and buried them there... you see.... we where hardly friends as she was a part of his life long before he and I divorced. He developed Kidney problems and the illness took his life. He called me about a month before he passed he was remorseful in his conversation about leaving me, and told me he was not happy. I never seen him again. I really don.t know why I feel his presence, It has been 25 yrs since he passed. And It has only been a recent feeling that I sense his presence, perhaps a year. the addiction part is with the man he is my brother the lady is my sister. I had a niece who was driving her car , she did not see the signs for the train tracks she lived for app. a year, this was a very tragic accident. WOW! a lot of sadness here , ..... Lienida

  • Leinida, Ok so there was an accident that happened after all. Was the accident at night. I feel that it is your husband's presence w/you. Lienida is there anything else before I go on.

  • Daliolite Yes the accident was at night. She was a member of my family my brothrs daughter he passed 3yrs ago and she was not well known by my ex. WHY am I sensing him around me I have no idea I even had orbs in my home .Is he trying to tell me something, I am not frightened at all about this experience I am very spritual I meditate and I feel very much at peace with my life and have been for many yrs. I just wish I knew what he wants to tell me.

  • Lenida, Did he just suddenly BOOM leave you. I'm Catholic and in some of our discussion, prayer groups they discuss orbs as angelic presence. I've had orbs of light in my house. A painter was inside painting and told me that in the back part of my house a bright orb was in a room and actually darted out and illuminated another part of the house. I think it's to heighten your awareness and increase your faith. I don't know what you saw or experienced but this is my experience.

  • No,,,, he didn,t just suddenlu BOOM leave me, It just had become unbearable I made the choice as there was no sign their relationship would end... YES the orb experience has totally changed my perception on life and why we are here.I believe it enhanced my SPIRITUAL AWARENESS . and gave me the gift of knowing we are all very special to our CREATOR GOD. I also felt the experience was ANGELIC which explains why I was not afraid. I think many people have had this happen to them , and I am glad to hear you have had something similar. Thank for you precious time ..Lienida

  • Leinida, You're welcome. I thank Yahweh and His Spiritual dominion.

  • News14ng, I'm ready to start yours if you're still w/me...

  • I'm still here, thank you!

  • ok.

  • News14ng, Haven't felt on top of this past couple days. I feel that I did get some impressions for you. Didn't want to keep you waiting, so here I go...First impressions I got were of someone who passed from cancer. Saw what appeared to be a woman and the chest area was shown. Mammogram came to mind. Something happening that corresponds to the #5. I'm getting rubble, fire, perhaps a disaster, perhaps someone buried in rubble. I'm getting 2 that are together that have passed. Feels like a grandparents presence that made sure you had everything that you needed. The #5 somehow corresponds to childhood or you in someway. This is all I have for now.

  • Hi,

    Could I have one for my grandmom? She died about 35 years ago. Thank you!

  • 'm afraid I can't identify with any of the above. I only ever met my grandmothers and they both died quite peacefully at an old age.

  • News14ng, I'm gonna wait and clear the energy. I haven't felt good past two days mainly tired. How did the bf die I might have picked-up on that.

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