Taking a Few Requests to Channel Loved Ones

  • Daliolite, thank you for your time. It sounds like you have your hands full and you still try to help others. That is so awesome. If you have time, i wanted guidance about my life path. My grandmother was a great business woman and alot of what our family has today is due to her hardwork and her never ending drive. I was wondering if she thinks i should turn to business rather than stay in the field i am currently in. Looking to perhaps start my own business because that is soemthing that both my family and my husband's family have done. My husband and I are in the same field but its not our familly business. Thank you in advance

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  • Alenabrz, Yes, I was picking-up the hosp stay. I really got a feel for the countryside as well. I usually write everything down that I'm able to pick-up on so I don't forget (which I do very well!--forget.) The sewing--sewing a dress, He came across as a shepherd--While channeling I asked him what do I need to tell her. This is when I saw an image of a face. However, did see the shepherd image, as well earlier. Don't know if your grandma or great grandmother was buried in a white dress.

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  • Alenabrz, Ok, I guess it symbolizes a garment maker.

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  • themysticalside, I'm ready to channel for you if you're still w/me.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    I'm here. Thank you!

  • themysticalside, Give me a day or so...

  • That's fine! Thanks, again.

  • Themysticalside, I don't know exactly who I'm picking-up on but here's what I'm getting...I heard, "Is there anyone who can help." I was shown a rather large grave marker. I'm picking-up on someone who hung themselves or at least thought about it. I heard, "depressed." Felt this person lost something like a job. This person felt as though they were holding on..contemplated suicide before. Between a rock and a hard place. I'm seeing an infant that passed. Could have been a miscarriage, stillborn, etc. A birthday or anniversary approaching. I get the impression of a chair under a tree. I don't know if this is your father, hope you can relate.

  • If you are still taking requests, I would be very interested to hear what you come up with. Thank You

  • Thank you. This is definitely not my father, who died in hospital after heart surgery. He was also cremated and his ashes were scattered, so no grave marker. It sounds like my half-brother, but he died from a drug overdose. He had been frequently out of work and was depressed, so he may have contemplated suicide. Do you know if the baby relates to him? (As I also miscarried.) I'm not sure when his birthday was, as I only saw him a handful of times while I was growing up. The anniversary of my father's death is on September 21, but that may not be what you're picking up. Is there any way to ask whether it's my half-brother Robert?

    I need to think about it a bit more (and delicately ask my mother some questions) and I'll get back to you tomorrow. Thanks again.

  • Themysticalside, I will wait for you to get back w/me. The anniversary is your father's. I picked-up a totally different energy from this. When I saw the child, my intuition told me that you may not know a lot about this child. I'm not 100% as I relate on what I pick-up or see, etc. I believe that your half brother committed suicide by drug overdose. The large grave marker is to draw my attention to someone who is buried. I assume he's buried. The ones that pass tragically or are in a tragic event stay w/me longer. This is something I've learned from doing this on here. He was actually talking about money and other things but I didn't realize at the time who it was (early this morning.) Thanks for your feedback. I'll wait for you, I'll have to clear the energy wait awhile then resume. He just thanked me.

  • Thanks Daliolite. I'm glad the energy surrounding my father's anniversary is different. My half-brother didn't commit suicide; he shot-up a drug in a shopping mall bathroom, and when he walked out he collapsed and died from a drug overdose-induced heart attack. He was cremated and his ashes were scattered.

    Also, about 25 years ago I met a young guy. We were friendly but he was pretty depressed and had a substance abuse problem. I didn't know him very well, but if I remember correctly he had developed feelings for me. I remember we spoke at length on the phone one evening and I tried to help him feel better. We were supposed to meet up, but I decided to go somewhere else with some girlfriends instead. That night he committed suicide. I went to visit his grave and it had a large headstone. Over the years I have occasionally thought of him; I'm not sure why, because I hardly knew him. I can't think of anyone else (only my father, grandparents and half-brother have passed). It seems strange that he would want to communicate with me, since we hardly knew each other. I'm not very familiar with how channeling works.

  • themysticalside, Can you relate to the name misty.

  • No, sorry, I can't.

  • themysticalside, Sometimes spirit will draw my attention to something and put it side by side. I feel this is what happened here. Both passed from drugs. One suicide, the other contemplated. I feel that your dad showed me the approaching anniversary. I only like to channel for one day. There was/is sadness with the passings. I seem to feel this moreso with the tragic passings. A definite child's face.

  • Leinida, Are you still w/me as I'm ready to start yours.

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