Taking a Few Requests to Channel Loved Ones

  • Sweetoty, Perfect, that's the identifier. He was there when you said this. I don't normally see bulls. If you find out about the name Shirley, let me know. Often, spirit will show me birds as a person's spirit or personality. A problem that I have as a medium on a forum such as this is that spirit will "push it's way thru" and show me things and I know it's not the one I'm channeling for. So, it's much like real life. It's kinda like wait your turn. Also, I don't talk w/the departed. I rely on my 6 senses for everything I channel.

  • Yes now that i mentioned it, it does feel like it's it. I did get the impression that is how you received this information. It all makes sence to me now.

    He always was there for me , I know he still is, I feel it. Several people have dreamed about him, and they always come to me saying that he wants me to know that he loves me. I was 19 when he passed on September 8. I never left his side, on his last day I went home to sleep then I got a call that he passed. He was my big brother, we often hung out. Now he's my angel.

    Daliolite, i super appreciate what you have given me here. Thank you so much for your time.


  • I will resume readings soon...

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thanks for this opportunity! When you are ready, I would like to know whether there are any messages from my father, who passed away in 2008.

    Thank you,


  • StandingTall, I'll start yours soon.

  • Hi Daliolite, I think you forgot me, can you see if you get any messages for me, thanks!

  • Looking Forward to the reading!

  • StandingTall, I'm picking-up on several things. I get my info from signs and symbols, please bear w/me. I'm getting heights or altitude, two people (men) who didn't get along, serpent or snake (a lot). Wouldn't be surprised if someone had a pet snake or even got bit by one. Snake in the road--another impression. Did the truck turn over. I'm repeatedly shown a bird looking down. The bird looks like an eagle. Did someone else die in the accident. I'm being told rescue. I also get a rainbow colored stuffed toy. There's a child's presence. This child passed on. Feels like a child passed around 2 or three. The number 26 or 28.

  • YOU KNOW. ....I always felt that there was a young child around me. Did one of my parents have a child before they got married? Back in the year of 2000 when my daughter was a baby I always felt a child's presence around her. It was as if her nursery was haunted!

    Also in regard to my brother in law: yes the other driver was rescued by ambulance and survived. The Semi Truck' jacknifed due to icy weather conditions and high winds.

    My Brother and Law flew out of the cabin of the Semi truck and his body slammed right on the pavement on the highway. (That is what the other Semi truck driver told us).

    Your Insight?

  • StandingTall, I guess that's where I'm getting snake in the road. Did he have any connections w/Florida. Would an alligator, eel, snake have any meaning for you.

  • ps--does anyone have a connection with angel statues or pictures.

  • Yes, a relative said that my Brother in Law' s mother has miniature Angel statues.

    I will find out about whether or not he had a truck route in Florida in the morning. I will ask relations..

    I will let you know ASAP.

    Could you pick up anything else on the young child? ? I SO need to know who this lovely child belongs to.

  • StandingTall, I'm curious to know why your parents wouldn't tell you about a child, if they had one.

  • Yes, I just finished talking to relations. His mother does not know for sure if one of the routes was in Florida; however, he did go to Louisiana.

  • Daliolite, for some very very ODD reason; my parents like to portray this perfect image.

    I often felt like I maybe had twin.

    Do you feel that there was another child before me?

  • StandingTall, Did your brother in law or his parents lose a child. I could just be picking-up on her angel statutes, if not.

  • Hmmmm I will definitely ask. I know that my Brother in Law did not have any children who died.

    I have to find out who this child is. Like I said back in the year 2000 I felt his or hers presence almost every day. Especially whenever my nieces and Nephews would come over to visit.

    Do you know how this young child died Daliolite?

  • StandingTall, Go ahead and ask and I'll wait.

  • I feel like it may be coming from brother in laws side.

  • Asia118x, Which one--your sister or friend. Let me know if you're still w/ me, otherwise, will move to next.

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