Taking a Few Requests to Channel Loved Ones

  • MistofEmerald, ok. I'm studying for a test but will ask for help and guidance. A couple days ago picked-up on a relationship. Would your mother or father be acknowledging a relationship of yours perhaps marriage. I haven't actually started yet but got this impression and wanted to know if this would be you.

  • Daliolite

    They could be acknowledging my marriage even though they were not a big part of it, as I married and moved away and than we moved every five years. I have been married twenty five years now and perhaps they can salute that, as they may have thought I would never marry at one time.

    Hope this helps.


  • MistofEmerald, Ok, will try and get back soon got some impressions last night.

  • MistofEmerald, Actually, the impressions I get have something to do with a road. When your mom passed did you find out by a telephone call. Whether you were in close proximity or not, I got the impression it was by phone or someone telling you that she had passed. Couple of times got the image of a couple that was close. I'm getting the impression of someone walking by a road or having a mishap on the road. Red is a predominant color. Did someone miss a red light. Also, the impression of rain or a storm. This is all I have but will let you know if anything else comes to me.

  • Daliolite

    Yes, I did find out through telephone that my Mother was ready to pass. She was living in another state with a sister and her husband. The road is something that represents travel for her as she loved to move and travel, yes she did have a car accident in which she than stopped driving.

    Thank you for the information. If anything else is given to you that you want to share than it is welcome. I know this is a busy time for you and everyone --Holidays--, so please take care and enjoy them.


  • MistofEmerald, Yes, there's an overall feeling of togetherness esp. through a couple. I think this couple is her and your dad. I don't know if it's Christmas that's being brought forth, Christmas was a special time or a child that they are together w/. I see like the Holy Family. When I see the Holy Family it usually means they are watching over, out for someone. I saw this before regarding someone who was about to have surgery. Even if it's a young child or miscarriage it indicates your parents are w/them. It's all good.

  • Daliolite

    Yes, Mother had a son that she lost before birth, she was so unhappy about that as she and my dad had four daughters. I don't know of anyone having surgery as of yet. Time will tell that forthcoming event in someone life.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with us.

    I wish you the best Holiday Season ever.


  • MistofEmerald, Yes, thanks for acknowledging. It was a child as I had another impression at work. Will let you know if I get anything else. Her spirit has been here this eve.

  • News14, Are you still here...

  • Yes I'm here

  • Daliolite, ok, soon.

  • News14, He is showing me sitting down. He's sitting down. Looks as tho he's driving or some other form of transportation like boating. Did he have a health issue and did the passing involve something that he was taking. Something I feel he took that did not agree w/him. Perhaps dr changed a medicine, etc. I feel like he was younger. I also feel as tho he was sick already. Travel is being brought forth as I'm shown a road. Also, I feel Christmas may be significant w/him and the #25. I'm also shown a heart that morphs into a bird. These are my first impressions. Please stay w/me a few days as spirit leaves at it's will, not mine. I typically get more impressions, however, people leave and others or ready for me to start.

  • Daliolite, thank you!

    You're right about the ingestion of something that didn't agree with him. The context of why or how he took what he did is still very unclear. Very out of character, it was essentially recreational drug use turned tragic. As for #25, it was tattood on him, definitely significant! He had a very rough upbringing, so Christmas was always very hard for him . He struggled with depression for much of his life, though his last year was a major turning point in his life.

    Thank you again for sharing your gift with us Daliolite. I'll stay with you for more impressions or a message should you get more.

  • News14, I'm seeing something that not sure how to interpret except to try and explain. I'm seeing him secluded like there was a certain place he'd go to. Also, it's like he's leaning up against something (a tree) and beholding something. Could be a child so wasn't sure if someone lost a child. I've seen similar images before. I feel that he's now with this child. It feels as though he "found" something. Sorry I can't be more specific as I see signs and symbols.

  • That's alright, I'm curious, how do you see the signs and symbols? Do you just close your eyes and images come to you? Do you feel their energy as well?

    The tree makes sense 🙂 He loved nature and trees especially. If he found a child I could make some semblance of that, although there are a few other adult family members who have passed in his life I'm sure he's been reunited with.

  • news14, If you can relate to the child, it feels like he's found it. Kinda like the pearl of great price is how I felt.

  • news14, I get signs, symbols mostly from my environment, things I'm drawn to or just pop-out to me and I'm like REALLY. I do feel as though spirit manipulates things to some extent and actually exerts a great deal of effort at times. For example, I was almost asleep and in my slumber got a telephone call saying my mom had passed. Kinda shook me up until I realized I was channeling for someone. I get things right before I fall asleep (if I can remember.) There was a baseball pitcher that recently passed and saw him in a bath towel flexing his muscles and acting kinda goofy. Next morning woke up and saw the exact person red hair and all on the internet saying he had passed. I'm beginning to differentiate those random things from the daily things. Spirit is random. I call upon Jesus and Yahweh for help. Often, I'll start getting impressions before I come to the next person here on this forum making it necessary for me to call out are you still here because I'm getting impressions. Spirit will also stay longer but my initial impressions take about 1 hr to 30 min.

  • Thanks for the explanation! It's so intriguing how tapped in you are to be able to recognize so many signs and symbols as well. I'd be mad at a spirit if he or she woke me from my slumber lol.

    Anyhow, I believe his mother or aunt had a baby who passed very young. He has the name of this person tattood on his body. That is what I suppose 🙂

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