Taking a Few Requests to Channel Loved Ones

  • Taking some requests to channel departed loved ones. Typically takes one to two days.

  • hi Daliolite

    I would love anything you get from my dad, he passed on about 45 years ago, do you need to know anything about him for this? thanks!

  • Hi, thank you for this. I'm excited...

    Any messages from my brother would best appreciated. He was 21 years old when he passed away, it's been 14 years now..

    I thank you ahead of time


  • AstraAngel, I'll start yours soon. Check back in a day or so.

  • I am surrounded by several people who have crossed over. My Brother in law who died in a semi truck accident about two years ago in particular. Could you give a reading on him or on any others. I feel a presence sometimes I sence other "presence" around me.

    Thanks Again for your time. Daliolite! !

  • Any message from my fallen sister/family friend Adreeena who was murdered this past year? I miss her dearly and would love for her to know I love and truly miss her. I'm not sure if she surrounds my son at times.

  • Daliolite any messages for me? thank you!

  • AstraAngel, The first impressions I got dealt w/fishing, net, water, big fish. The movie the Poseidon Adventure was brought up (a lot.) I'm shown him passing perhaps along side someone else. A child seems like a girl is coming thru--young girl. Red flowers are brought forth. Perhaps this child was in the hospital. I'm shown signs, symbols so I have to interpret what is being shown. Feels like 3 siblings. Were you the oldest. Get the initial M and the name Paul. Spool of thread is coming thru/sewing. At times, it felt as though there is a set of twins in the family. Saw the word LOVE in a tree. Trees always pertain to family for me. At times, seemed as though something struck him. The first impression was like someone falling out of a boat. Also feels like perhaps one side of the face was affected. LOVE is the message.

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  • Daliolite

    thank you! this is wonderful, you identified much that is exactly correct and - three children i am tje oldest, my initials MP, the dominant water themes are interesting, we grew up near water a river, and the moved near the ocean. the posidon adventure sounds like the family issues in general there were always traumatic things going on it seems, accidents with my dad were common. the child red flowers i am not sure, maybe my younger sister. and the sewing, he was in the hospital a lot and a lot of surgeries so there is the "sewing". LOVE in a tree, he collected pine sap for a while to make money so there is a tree... twins, not sure, oh! he was a gemini! maybe that is the "twins"! and yes something struck him alright, the pavement did as he was on a motorcycle and died instantly with head injuries (face affected for sure) - falling out of a boat, he fell of that bike i know that much. THANK YOU and i can hear my dad through all of that....

  • AstraAngel, Spirit seems to use something as the identifier. With your dad, I believe, it's the word LOVE in a tree. I was getting the falling and being struck. But spirit also showed him laying down, like in a bed. That must be the surgeries. I'm glad that I got to channel for you. I believe that a lot of effort was made to show me the LOVE sign, by your dad.

  • Sweetoty, I will try and channel for you. God willing...

  • Daliolite,

    It is so good of you to offer this to everyone. I have lost many people that are close to me in my lifetime. It would be great to hear from any of them. I am willing to hear anything from anyone of them. Thank you so much . Many blessings your way

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  • Sweetoty here, okay Daliolite I will checking in. I appriciate your time.

  • Sweetoty,

    My thoughts are scattered on this one. I got a lot of impressions but not the time to meditate on meanings. Had family over this weekend and car broke down last night. All unexpected. As I was scrolling down looking at requests the name Shirley came to me--wanted to mention this. I've been experiencing something new to me that I experienced w/your brother. I'm drawn to the light. I know this is broad but for me pertains to help, either he received help or gave help, fire or rescue, perhaps the law, police involved. You'll have to help because it's new to me. A cows face or bull came up multiple times. In regards to you, Sweetoty, spirit is relating a bird. I believe you kissed him at some point after death or shortly before. There's a certain amount of bravado with your brother and I don't know if that's the correct word to use. I'm also getting a Spanish feel with him. It feels as though you have some sort of monument or marker in your home for him. It also feels as though his remains aren't in close proximity to others. He shows me just you and this marker. There is a group that is behind bars (incarcerated) that's being shown. The word AMOR is being shown. I hope this helps and you can relate. And I'm sorry but it's been very hectic for me.

  • Daliolite,

    Yes, you can actually describe him having a bold presence. Maybe this can give some sence to the readon. My boyfriend and I have know eachother since childhood. His family is close to my family. My BF and I have been wanting to get married for sometime now, then we had some very challenging moments that could of seperated us that did involve the cops, but for some reason we both can work thought that, I feel as if we started all over again in our relationship but with better understanding of eachother and madly inlove again where its obvious to everyone. My BF proposed for us to get married the following month in court. My BF requested a day off from work and it so happen to be the day my brother passed away.

    Not sure what the vow and bull can represent...

    Can it be that he helped me get through that mwss in my relatioship?

  • Sweetoty, The bull was running chasing. Is anyone a Taurus or work around animals. How did your brother pass.

  • Daliolite,

    My brother fell asleep at steering wheel, crashes and passes away 3 weeks later. Let me think about the bull... so far, the only thing that can come to my head ano it the bull is the other day I was having a discussion with Mt BF regarding the incident that we went through, I stated that I need to meet with his ex (his daughters mom) because I need to grab the bull by it's horns. ..

  • Oh and about the name Shirley, I have no connection with that name, but for some reason that name occasionally comes to my head... I don't know why, but maybe down the line it will make sence..

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