Pisces versus Pisces, but i still want him back

  • Fell in love with a Pisces, being a Pisces myself, last year and so did he. Not a love at first sight, but we became friends and then love emerged. Originally met on holiday overseas, and then we returned to eachother's country, kept in touch, he came to visit, we realized we wanted to be together, that we were in love, started making plans for the future (not "castle in the air plans" but we will do this then that and then we are going to live together, probably get married next year, etc), I went to visit him and after a small fight (triggered by the fact that i had a fever and was a bit "crankier" than usual) from one day to another, he changed 180º. He got cold, he said he didnt want his life with me to be about fighting about stupid things, that he wasnt sure about things anymore.

    I came back to my country, he said he wanted to give it a try, because i meant the world to him, he loved me but he wasnt sure i was the love of his life, but wanted to, and i quote "find the love in his heart again"....but eventually broke up with me.

    Funny thing is, he still isn't "sure" about things, and if i "dissappear" for a couple of days he starts reaching for me, people tell him to let me move on but he says he can't because theres still a chance for us. I'm in a bit of a deffensive mood myself, considering, but sometimes he gets so sweet i lower my guard and get as i used to be with him when we were a couple (sweet, caring, etc), but the minute i do that he sort of snaps and starts being mean again.

    I love him with all i've got and I do want him back, because the love we had before things got messed up was one of those things that happen just once in a lifetime. Something hapenned in his head along the way, i know in my gut (and thanks to my intuition) that he loves me, but he is just lost.

    WHAT SHOULD I DO?? Help please (and by help i don't mean the "get away from him he is not good for you you deserve better" yapping, I want him back) Besides, i've been hearing us pisces are having a rough time in general lately, maybe that has something to do with it.

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