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  • Who is telling the truth as to what my daughter stated concerning my husband, my husband or my daughter (I wish I could be more specific, but I honestly can't)?

    I'm asking because neither can exactly be trusted with the truth.

    Right now I believe her, but due to some inconsistencies in what she's claimed lately, I'm now not sure.

    His birthdate: 7-11-76

    Her birthdate: 11-13-02

  • GingerWaves

    Your daughter is young and she may become afraid of really saying what she feels and she may even be feeling confused at this time. You have to stay on the mental path of knowing what is best for the good of all. I drew three crystal cards for this question:

    1st Epidote Luck, good health, increasing wealth, joyful happiness, put aside all burdens of all sorts because you are in for a period of increase and abundance. The second card Labradorite means you and she are divinely protected at this time. Success in resolving situations and overcoming problems is at hand.

    Rainbows- Joy and Happiness , smiles the journey of recovery from illness and misfortune , granted wishes bring joy.

    Hang in there as things will be looking up and good in a short time.


  • Thank you so very much Shuabby, you've come to my rescue again! HUGS!! 🙂

    It's so very good to know that things will be looking up soon, as this situation has had me an emotional wreck. My daughter seems to be able to handle things much better, but then again, kids seem more resilient than us adults are, especially an adult like me who has been through a lot of bad things in life (and she's going through something that I went through's hard because you don't want your kids to go through the same bad things you did, you want them to have a better life than you did). Just when I thought I'd gone through as much as I possibly could, this came along and knocked my feet out from under me, and at the time I was already reeling due to something concerning my oldest daughter and my youngest grandson. She just desperately wants to be happy, as this has been so difficult for her, and I'm trying my very best to stay strong for her, so this gives me a lot of needed hope.

    And yes, you're right, my daughter is afraid of saying how she really feels at times. She's keeping things bottled up inside her and that worries me, but she has a wonderful support system and I hope, with time, she'll be able to get more of her feelings out. She's already opening up to myself more, as she's becoming more comfortable with it, but I know there are still things she's holding in.

    Also, I feel that we're being divinely protected as well. Aside from a couple of people taking advantage of the situation, we've had a lot of help from others. These other people have just unexpectedly come out of the blue and have offered help that we very much needed. My dad has also been my rock through this whole ordeal...I don't know what I'd do without him. I feel so very blessed with all the help we've had.

    I'm still wondering though, is she being truthful in what she said happened, or is she confused in her recollection of things? I'm asking because, as I said, she has been known to lie, and has done it out of spite at times in the past, and due to some slight mental issues, she does have problems with her memory. Her father, unfortunately, I cannot trust at all with the truth. I'm just trying to make sense out of everything so I best know how to proceed with all of this, since the decision making ultimately falls on my shoulders in what would be best for all involved (though I do ask for and consider her input, as IMO, you must put children first unless things are proven otherwise).

    Again, thank you so very've made me feel a lot better. 🙂

  • GingerWaves

    Your daughter is being truthful in her own way of thinking and expressing, at this time. You may have to learn to trust again yourself and to build a good relationship with your daughters and grandson. Your daughter is learning how to cope with the dark side of life and does need spiritual people to talk with or people that have a lot of positive energy to give, this will help her to balance and move forward.

    I feel that you will soon find yourself having more fun and being more positive. People will come and help you and always be aware that angels can come in human form.

    Keep In Touch


  • Thank you again Shuabby...I understand just what you mean. More virtual hugs to you! 🙂

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