Bluemoon help lady ran ared light totaled my car and says I did it

  • Dear Blumoon,

    Last week I was on my way to buy some treats and visit a good fried who had knee surgery. I was at a stop light and when my light turned green I proceeded to go when out of nowhere I saw a car coming at me full speeds. She hit my truck in the driver and passanger door and totaled it.

    She moved her car right away so I folled her to the curb and called the police. They said since no one was hurt they would not come out and I told them she ran a red light and they said just exchange info and let insurance handle it.

    She refused to give me info and said I ran the light. I called the police again and they said the same thing so I told her she had to give me her info.

    The insurance she gave expired 5 years ago so I took pictures of her and my car and her car.

    A man in a truck was having luch right there and he called me over and said she ran the red light and he gave me his phone number as a witness.

    I have tried and so has my insurance, but it is not the right number and now the insurance says its her word against mine.

    Now she is claiming she broke her arm and nose and is suing me.

    Help how do I find my witness

  • Nancyeann, have you thought about going back to the restaurant he was at and ask them if they know him?

  • This post is deleted!

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