Captain, dark energy removal please xx

  • Dear Captain,

    I hope you dont mind me asking, but I am going through a tough time at the moment, I made some mistakes in a relationship (I was a bit lazy and neglected the relationship a little and I lied to him about still taking this medication for anxiety when he thought i had stopped (he is very against meds)-which I feel terrible about now!!) so now my ex-partner is unsure if he will get back into a relationship with me and said even though he still loves me it will still take some time for him to come to a decision. I am trying to be better and do more positive things in my day for myself as well as to prove him wrong about me. I am angry at myself for the mistakes I made and I hate this regret! And this uncertainty about what is/will happen is wearing me down and feel my extreme need for validation and testing my 'loveability' is getting the better of me to the point where its affecting my thinking clearly and calmly. I want to be able to let that side of me go and not care anymore. I was wondering whether you could do some healing on me, I'm hoping that could help me just 'be' for awhile and not have this constant negative worry!

    Thank you Captain, I hope you are doing well!!


    19/09/1990 (libra rising)

  • I think the 'dark negative energy' you need to have removed has already gone - in that your controlling ex has left your life. You have the right to take anxiety medication or anything else if you wish. This guy wants a slave - someone who will do what he says or as he thinks, not an equal partner with equal rights. He probably fooled you into thinking he was only looking out for you and your health. When you say you were lazy or neglectful, that was probably your subconscious mind telling you to be wary of this relationship. You deserve and can do so much better than this guy.

  • PS By making you wait for his 'decision' about the relationship, he is still exerting his control over you and manipulating you. Don't fall for it! This is not love, it's control.

  • The Captain is right! It is not good when a doctor prescribes meds and a man who is supposed to want the best for you - tells you not to take them or makes you feel less than because you do. We are all wired differently and what is good for one person is not always good for another. This relationship is not what it should be. You should never go against what you feel inside. One person should not force their beliefs on another specially if they claim to love them. Making you wait for a decision is just another power play. Be true to yourself, love yourself for who you are and TRUE love will follow.

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