A Reading Please?

  • The other day, I ran into someone from my recent past. I was a little embarrassed to see him, and he ignored me. I figured he just didn't see me. But, then I overheard him saying that he did see me and he started to say some very nasty things about me. I was taken aback. Even though we haven't been in touch for awhile, I thought he had a better opinion of me. I suspect his opinion was influenced by someone who has a very negative view of me and is known to say extremely negative things about me, some of which are untrue. I really thought this person was more objective and I'm disappointed. Is there any way I could fix this? Or should I just write this off? It's possible that I may not be able to overcome the negative statements.

  • Mh83,

    This is what I picked up

    You are going to figure out that someone was hiding something from you

    A guy who can be demanding but in his way means well

    But you suspect something is wrong...distrust

    Someone is trying to give you advise but it's not what you want to hear so you are ignoring it

    Your scared to make a decision

    There is stuff going on and it may help to settle things by being quiet, watching and listening before acting

    If careful you will have a little success and that will make you fell like you can take the next baby step, a little courage

    You are worried you can't accomplish something, but you can if you set your mind to it

    That will take courage and a strong effort to accomplish

    It will take self control and a will, but you can do it

    You will see the deception. ?.don't let it get you down...take it and own it and say I can do what I need too

    Hope that helps


  • Thanks Nick! That is very helpful. I think there are things that will unfold eventually.

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