What does clairaudience "feel" like?

  • I just had an experience a short while ago. My gut tells me it was exactly as I think it is, but I have never experienced clairaudience - I think - until now.

    This was very eye-opening. I feel both anxious to tell someone about it; but at the risk of losing its genuineness and the sincerity of the message, I don't want to shatter the moment by describing it. It feels very delicate right now.

    For those who experience this regularly, or are just more experienced in it, can you tell me more about how it comes to you? I mean in the moment, when it is happening? How do you know it is a genuine message?

    Thank you!

  • For me, it is sudden - it just happens without me thinking consciously about anything. I just hear clearly a word or words. Often it's my name being called by my guides.

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