Shuabby, can you confirm for me..

  • Hello Shuabby, it has been sometime, I hope you are doing well.

    I want to see if you can help me here..

    I'm with a man who has ties with another woman karmic ties , and a daughter, I also have a daughter with him, she's 2 now, and this has been a crazy roller-coaster for me/us. I know he loves me but this feeling I have, maybe it's all ensecurities but it's there. I feel as if they communicate often to emotionaly heal from their past, still care for eachother is it more then friendly communication for their 11 year old daugter

    I hope yoi can help clear some thoughts. In the past you have been cunforting.

  • sweetoty,

    I believe you are on the right thinking path with them. Let me give you what came to mine when I read this. Lucy and Desi of I Love Lucy loved each other and than Desi begin to wonder and act like a single fellow again. Lucy said that he was the love of her life but that she could not take it anymore. Yet, she and he because of the children and grandchildren they had together(they both also remarried other people) still communicated and once in awhile saw each other, and in one picture that I just recently saw of them in their older years , Lucy had her chin on Desi shoulder and he understood that she still loved him and he her.

    Yes, he loves you and your daughter together, yet he does have some karmic ties with the other woman. Can you do anything to just have him to yourself? Yes, you can move away from them yet know that he still will communicate with them, perhaps on a smaller scale and over time even less.

    Good Luck to you dear,


  • Thank you so much for your time.

    This is the man that you once said he would be sent to me and would make me happy like never before . It's true, but I have also suffered some.

    Thank you again.

  • sweetoty,

    Love is never going to run completely smooth, if it did we would not learn from each other and grow as a spiritual being, which means we know of each others faults and we love each other anyway within logic.


  • I have a learned a tremendous amount during these challenges. I grew, I learned to appriciate, to give, and to respect and to be respected

    He proposed for us to have a civil ceremony,

    WE ARE GETTING MARRIED September 8! 😃

    I appreciate your tine Shuabby.


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