A relationship reading please :)

  • Hi could someone give me a relationship reading about my current love situation. I recently just found out that my bf cheated and our relationship is a long distant relationship to began with. However he is the first guy that I can truely be myself while I am with him. But at the main time I can't forgot about the fact he cheated. Theoritically I should end the relationship but we have such an amazing time together and we are a good travel companion. Could someone please give me some guidance as what I should do? Thanks

    My dob sept 12. 85

    His dob may 4 75

  • cellsi,

    This relationship is not meant to be a lasting one. You are at a distant from one another and life gets lonely and needs have to be met. Being truly yourself with him is a perk for you, yet if he liked your being so free to express or do what you feel like, he would not have open himself to another. Cellsi you will find someone close to home I see him as tall , blonde or dark blonde and he seems to have brown eyes. He will like the outdoors and I see a horse around him for some reason , may not be his , or he trains them or works with them. There is the name of Albert coming in here and I don't know why but you will.

    I feel this new man will be on the quiet side and you will like that , you will not be so open around him , but you will learn a lot from him. You can take the new relationship in any direction you like.


  • Hi shuabby,

    Thanks for the reading 🙂

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