Why is there no help?

  • Hello again everyone. I'm really confused as to why there is no help for me. I posted a request on this forum for assistace, but nothing has transpired. I (we) really do need help in translating the meanings of the cards. I've copied and pasted the previous question below in the hope that someone can and will assist. I keep reading the cards and interpretations from the books but cannot see beyond them, here are the details:-

    Just getting into the Tarot and I am looking for assistance in a basic 21 card spread, 3 rows of 7 cards - past,present future. This I layed for my wife. Past and present no problem but the future has left me perplexed. The cards are as follows:-

    Card 15 - the Magician reversed.

    Card 16 - The Emperor

    Card 17 - Knight of Swords

    Card 18 - The Wheel of Fortune

    Card 19 - Ace of Pentacles

    Card 20 - The King of Cups reversed

    Card 21 - The Tower reversed.

    The question related to work prospects. Any help would really be appreciated and I thank you all in advance for any replies. Ed

    Again this is really important so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE HELP. Many thanks again for at least reading this request and a special thankyou to those who respond.


  • I'm sorry for your distress and hope that the following interpretation helps.

    I assume this is a horseshoe spread? I'm not sure as you don't specify the layout you used. Anyhow, here goes... The magician (R) signifies unused/untapped talents or gifts not being constructively used in the present, the Wheel of Fortune bodes a change in growth of circumstances and asks for an overview of the 'Bigger picture', maybe a path into a differant direction. The Emperor is asking for organisation and leadership qualities, putting innate abilities to use in the immediate future which will lead to a new positive and prosperous beginning as signified by the Ace of Pentacles. (remember that this is only the beginning though, but a good start which will progress). The Knight of Swords signifies cutting through adversity and mental blocks, whilst the King of cups (R) backs this up by saying that emotions have become a factor in clouding the real issue. The Tower (R) says that an outworn structure or past order of events have come to an end and urge a change into a new direction.

    I sincerely hope that this helps you and yours and wish you luck and happiness. Love and Light, B.

  • Please do not take this as the OFFICIAL meaning. I am only interpreting them as I would, if I had pulled those cards for myself. I prefer to not read reversed meanings but I will for the sake of this reading.

    As far as it being work-related, here goes:

    The Magician: Generally would mean a fresh start in a new field, reversed would mean likely you would be doing something in your current field. It will be a struggle at first.

    Emporer-- Seems you will be negotiating your salary and it is something related to management. But you should get a salary you are happy with.

    Knight of swords--The position should be very lucrative and there is someone who will unexpectedly be on your side and possibly get you more authority.

    wheel of fortune: Evenutally you will temporarily lose interest and will want something new, possibly better position or new field.

    Ace of pentacles: But you will snap out of it and your interests will pick back up.

    King of cups reversed: You are going to be in that position for a long time.

    Tower reversed: There won't be any shortages of money and you'll be confident in your job, meaning pay should be good.

    There is alot of luck throughout this reading. Good thing the tower was reversed or it would have been not so good. I study from Nancy Garens' tarot book. Credit where it's due.


  • Morning Angeleaque and Adylia,

    Thank you both so much for your interpritations, they have really helped clear my mind and believe in myself, most important! I suppose in reality I could not believe what I was actually seeing for at present life for us, as is with most due to the crisis, is not that good. The spread for myself too read that there is considerable improvement on the horizon, however, I did feel that although things will improve separation due to work committments will also be involved. The spread I used in both instances was a 21 card 6 month spread. 3 rows of 7 cards. The book I use for reference is Tarot Cards by Jane Lyle. If you wish I could post the cards that represented myself for your interpretation, however, with the above details this may influence your judgement. Nevertheless, thank you again for your help.

    Kindest regards.


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