Marraige and mistress reading

  • How does he truly feel about being married to her? Page Pentacles

    How does he truly feel about his new wife? 3 Swords

    How does he truly feel about the woman he wanted to have an affair with? 4 Cups

    How does he truly feel about seeing her when he gets back from his honeymoon? 8 Wands rev

    I don't see any love from him towards his wife and it looks like his marriage to her is more about money than any kind of love, or even affection. I am not sure if that 3 Swords is saying that he will leave her and break her heart or she will leave him (since he doesn't appear to love her I don't see his heart being broken).

    As for the "other woman" it would appear that he grew tired of her and has decided he no longer wants anything to do with her. And for seeing her again, I would say that he is gojng to try to delay that for as long as possible.

    Any other thoughts or corrections on these cards?

  • Tahkeestula, 3 of swords--heartbreak for all involved. I rely on position. So, page of pentacles present position is young energy prob rep him. Starting out, building, material aspects and importance thereof. 3 of swords situation speaks for itself. Swords rep communication moreso than feelings but what do they pierce--the heart. Challenge is emotional detachment. 8 of wands reversed--reversed path crowning reading. The wands course don't really change course. When the rains come, reap what you sow.

  • Thank you...I do imagine that the wife will find out, eventually, that he wasn't being completely faithful, even if it was just verbal and there never was an actual, physical least not with this one woman in question, who knows if there were other women.

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