Tarot reading request please - shuabby, watergirl, astra

  • Hi, I was wanting to know if a guy I have my eye on is single and interested. He's a mail carrier to our house (I don't have a name). Thanks in advance.

  • Hi espearite,

    I have two others to whom I owe a reading but will be happy to do one for you after...


  • HI Espearite,

    I'm being told you might already have the answer to this question? Also being given a gentle chastisement that if you are interested in someone, then express that interest. Strike up a conversation, ask him about himself, flirt a little! If you want to know if he's single then ask him :). You can always be the one to initiate the dating process - is there a new movie out? ask him if he's seen it and if not, ask him if he would like to go. Ask him if he would like to meet for a coffee or go out to lunch or to the park, whatever! You will know if your interest is returned in kind!!!

    Not sure this particular one has potential for long-term, but I do feel the physical attraction.


  • Heyy watergirl. I've learned a lot since your reading. Yeah, everyone is pretty much telling me to talk to him. I've been stressing out over this since taking it seriously and haven't really been able to catch him lately. shrugs

    Thank you for the reading!

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