On finding a job

  • Hi, I will probably get my masters degree by the end of this year and have started to send resumes to some companies. I would like to know which are the prospects of finding a suitable job until 2016. Thank you in advance!

  • Actually I was just perusing the ads and saw AT&T is looking for recent grads, that would be good experience. Go to ATTjobs they have a good system and a lot of experience to teach.

  • Hi Nick! Thank you for answering, but I'm afraid that ATT wouldn't work for me... I live em Brazil and I'm looking for something a little closer to my home... 🙂

    I'm 37 years old now and I feel that the companies are not very keen on hiring someone of my age as trainees or apprentices and I have very little work experience, so things are not very easy...

  • A bit of a commute, hahaaha

    Not a true statement, I switched careers at that age. I went from owning a small business to getting a AS in electrical engineering at that age. Some times you have to go a little backwards to go froward. Was I older then the average bear....(see I am showing my age with cartoon references) but it doesn't matter because you bring to the table a different set of skills and experiences that the other people do not have. If you continue to grow and learn it doesn't matter what age you are, the trick will be selling yourself in the interview. Find your strengths and sell that, make them want you. I just spent 15 years learning more lessons and at 51 (ouch hurts to see that number) I will knock down another door... I have a MBA as well but I am looking to pad that with Certificates....to be more marketable...

    Learn and grow and believe in yourself....other wise you would look at me with one foot in the ground...what a geezer.... I chose to look at it.... look at all my experience that I can help mold and bring more to the table... different thoughts different views...but always learning and growing...

    Want to hire me? hahahahahaa

    all it is, is a mind set, that will transfer to any corporate thought process

    oh and my readings are more on the now and how your feeling....if you want one like that let me know.


  • Hi alenabrz,

    Congrats on your masters. One good thing is that you are going for your masters even though in many countries the students continue to masters right after their bachelor degree. Are you expected to put your age on your resume? If not, there is a good chance that age will not be a factor in the initial interview selection. When they meet you then hopefully there is so much more that you bring to the table. In any event be confident because you are applying for more senior level jobs with your masters and that woulld mean experience and education that requires a little age. Best wishes to you!

  • Nick, it was nice to read about your life experience, you were really brave, such a big change! I admire your determination.

    Well, the economic situation is not very bright right now in my country, prices are rising and people are being fired, but, well, there is always hope... If you feel like, yes, I would like a reading. Thank you!

    Znl, I like to study literature and philosophy, things that are not highly valued when it comes to finding a corporate job. Maybe age might not be the big issue in my case, but I have zero experience. I will keep positive, have nothing to lose anyway. Thank you for the kind words!

  • Alenabrz,

    This is what I picked up,

    there is harmony and balance with a friend.

    Watch your emotions it seems you are calm but can have rage at times. When those spikes happen they change you.

    You will be able to get through the tough times but there will be some struggle and the little bit of a cost emotionally.

    You are gonna go through a time where you will feel dull and can't do anything. While this is happening it will feel like things are not stable.

    You'll have some peace. It feels like a small smile.

    You want success but just be careful it is not totally money driven.

    You will get what you need but there are blocks in the way and you will struggle for it.

    You have a woman watching out for you, she's strong and has a good mind.

    You are not going to listen to good advice it doesn't seem like it is what you want to hear so you were just closing yourself to it.

    It is important that you listen and keep an open mind. It feels like a reinforcement that the advice will come a second time and it feels like you should listen.

    There will be happiness and a good feeling.

    Reread this a few times, there seems to be a few messages that you needed to hear.

    Hope this helps,


  • Thank you Nick! I will meditate on what you wrote. 🙂