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  • Hello! My name is Alex, I'm from Australia! If anyone has a problem with love, health, money - write to me "moonex77@yahoo.соm". I kind of Indians who know and practice different rituals, charms, etc.

    I'll be glad to help you!

  • Well, nice to see someone offering some kind of help to talk and have relaxed sharing things together 🙂

  • anytime 🙂

  • Hi Alex

    I just tried to email but it wouldn't let send for some reason! aI was wondering what kind of rituals etc you do.. I am going through a very tough time at the moment and feel as if I am on the brink of depression, my boyfriend broke up with me a month ago, we are trying to see if it works out again between us but I can sense he has emotionally checked out and he is distant so I fear that perhaps it might be truly over. Just feeling devastated about the situation, we live together which makes it harder so I dunno whether to move out or keep trying in case he changes his mind. I have no idea.

    Thank you for listening man,


    My email is:

  • hey moonex there are lots of spells that can help you i believe you seek professional concern talk to these people i have had experience with these guys they can definitely help like they once they did to me

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