Hi Astra

  • Hi Astra,

    Nice to see your name pop up on here once in a while. I thought you were done dong readings. I have not been around much either. Life has been busy. I lurk once in a while just to see what is happening. Hope all is well with you.


  • hi sadsag,

    nice to hear from you too. glad to hear all is well, hopefully you are getting in some fun summer vacations on the west side there! i am well, life is rolling along nicely. you are right i have not been on here as much, and not a lot of readings. i have been studying the runes mostly lately, which have been a lot of fun. okay well thanks for the shout!


  • Hi Astra,

    Happy to hear things are going well for you. How are you holding up in this heat? I know it is hotter on your side of the mountains. I went to Spain in June so I guess that counts as a fun vacation. It was really hot there. I didn't like the heat but I did love the history. I am heading for Colorado for a week in August. I expect it will be fun too.

    I have spent the last 2 summers riding with L. We had 2 really fun years together again but in February he broke it off again. Same story, loves me but does not want to be in a relationship right now. Of course I have heard from him several times since then but no talk of reconciliation. Some things just never change. So this summer I am ignoring all if that and traveling on my own.

    Runes sound interesting. I have seen them but have no idea how to read them. I'm sure you are good at it though. You have a talent for it no matter what you sure reading. Are you doing any art these days?


  • hey sadsag

    well that all sounds pretty great! and spending time with L. so he chickened again, maybe it just take some time with him.

    the heat is nice, i like it hot, i guess cause i know winter is always waiting! so summer over hear has been great.

    spain wow i can only imagine how cool that was. colorado is great maybe one mile up it will be cooler 🙂

    i do some painting once in a while, nothing serious, just to get out and enjoy the fresh air once in a while, not painting like i once did for sure.

    okay sadsag have a great weekend!

  • Hi Astra,

    I like the heat too but when it gets into the 90s it is a bit too hot for me. Or at least it is too hot to do much outside that is very active. I put up my hammock this summer and I find that it is quite comfortable in this weather. At least it is not humid like it is back east. It will not be any cooler in Colorado. I am told it is in the 90s there too.

    Chicken is exactly the right word for L. His mom told me that he is very slow to trust. I think it is himself that he does not trust. She also told me that this on again off again thing is not typical for him. She has never seen him do it before. He usually just breaks off a relationship clean and that is that. He texted me again last week, just his typical stuff. Chit chat and then he tells me that he thinks of me often, which is his way of saying that he misses me. I actually feel bad for him. It must be so sad to go through life not allowing yourself to love or be loved.

    The weird thing is that I see him all the time. I have seen him 4 times in the last 2 months. Just driven by him or seen him drive by around town. Saw him leaving a restaurant once and Tuesday he pulled up behind me at a stop light. It was too dark for him to know it was me but he was on his bike so I knew it was him. We live in the same city so I guess it is to be expected but I have lived here for 12 years with my ex-husband and have only seen him twice. I just think it is weird.

    I think it is a bit sad that you are not painting but you seem to be okay with it. I know you were loving it for a while there. Life changes though and so do our interests and passions. I was doing a lot of costuming but burned out on it last summer. I costumed a show for my son, he was directing. I was supposed to have three people helping me but the production dates changed and they couldn’t help. I did the whole show by myself. It was Renaissance costuming with 10 cast members with multiple changes. It was a HUGE job and so I have not done any costuming since. I’ll go back to it some day but for now I am taking a break.

    Okay, I have bent your ear enough. I hope they days stay warm for you because you are right, winter is coming. Have a great weekend.


  • Hey Astra,

    How is life on he east side. It seems like the fires are finally under control. the weather has mellowed a bit. Even though it gets warm in the afternoons, it is cool in the morning. Fall is in the air. I am guessing it is there as well. I never made it east of the mountains this summer. Not in this state anyway. Colorado was wonderful. It was a very relaxing trip. I spent a week with my best friend from Jr high and high school. It is so easy to be with people you have known that long. And Colorado is lovely. I have never explored there, just driven though on my way to the east coast.

    Communication with L has dropped off again. He has texted me twice since i wrote to you last but now it has been 4 weeks and no word. He has run back into his cave I guess. If you feel like pulling a few cards to see what he is up to that would be cool. If not, then I will just wait and see what he does.

    I have another small world story. Unrelated to anything but interesting. I have a young friend living with me. She was introduced to me by a mutual friend, they met in AZ. That mutual friend was introduced to me by a woman I have known for many years through my exhusband. Turns out that the mother of this young friend and I attended and graduated from high school together. We were not close friends but we knew each other. That was 39 years ago. Now her daughter is my roommate. One of those weird 6 degrees of separation stories.

    I hope all is well with you Astra.

    Love and light,


  • hi sadsag

    hey we are doing okay, like you say after some fires, and went through some smoky days there. your trip sounds great to colorado and all that.

    so communication with L not super chatty... hmm... yeh sure lets see some cards.... as for him...

    nine of cups, that is pretty complete play-feeling place.

    and a motion in path, 8 wands. not sure. maybe something in his planning life is very active right now and he is preoccupied with that or something? his cave that is funny. you don't often hear the man commenting, "well, she's run off into her cave again...."

    okay on your six degrees story that is something, yeah it can be a small world too i guess...

    here lets see about you....

    you look pretty solid right now in the cards, some romantic or dreamy concern at center and it is in the same area as the empress. and then a wand and a completion theme. so it sounds like some path of some area is about to complete successfully for you soon.

    okay you take it easy sadsag!


  • Hi Astra,

    I didn't think about the smoke. We had a couple of really smoky days here too when the wind was blowing this direction. Not fun. I think fire season is pretty much behind us now.

    Thanks for pulling a few cards for us. I have not idea what is going on with him. I know he has been working hard all summer. Lots going on at work. Beyond that I don't know. Lots of bike trips, I'm sure, but he did share anything like that. It just seemed a bit odd that we were in touch for 3 weeks and then he was gone again. I guess i should not really be surprised by anything he does now though.

    As for me, who knows. I am just plugging away at life here. Work keeps me busy and I have a new granddaughter that I spend time with. Lots of friends and even a bit of dating here and there. I'm not really looking for much to change right now. It will eventually, I'm sure. that is about the only thing in life you can count on, change will happen.

    L will forever be a puzzle for me. I just don't understand him but then i don't think he understands himself so we are even on that score. I have a bad feeling that his sister is sick though. It concerns me but I have no way of finding out about it without contacting him. I don't want to do that so... Perhaps that is what is keeping him so busy.

    Thanks again, Keep well.


  • Hi Astra,

    He stuck his head out of the cave again. Actually told me he misses me. Still it could be weeks before I hear anything again. Good thing my life does not stop while he hides away.


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