May I have a reading about love potential please?

  • I was in love with a man for a long time and I thought I’d never get over him. I have now met someone new who feels very good to be around. I think the attraction is mutual. I would like to know what the potential is here and whether this man has intimate feelings for me.

    Thank you,


  • I am not sure if the tarot readers are around but I can compare your dates of birth if you want.

  • Thanks, Captain. He’s quite a bit younger, so I’m not kidding myself that this could turn into a life partner situation, but he feels really good for my soul right now.

    Me: 1/19/1970

    Him: 7/3/1984

  • This situation works better for a working relationship than it does for love. This can be the attraction of opposites in many ways. Yet the two of you both have active imaginations and must be careful to keep fantasy from running away with you. A love affair, providing you both want one, would be fiery and would tend to be unstable. Your friend has a need for security that is not likely to be met in this combination and, if the affair is illicit or kept secret, he may feel taken advantage of or used. He will be the one to suffer most from a soured or abruptly severed relationship here, since he can be very faithful and steadfast when his heart is involved. Power struggles would be rare in a romance here, which only means that you TMS would likely take the dominant role. You will more probably grow bored with the relationship first, once its stimulating, unconventional aspect has worn off, since you can lack the patience and time to give this guy the heavy emotional input and understanding he requires.

  • Thanks Captain! I certainly don’t want him to get hurt. What a pity. May I push your generosity and ask you to check the date of birth of another man too, please?

    Me: 1/19/1970

    Him: 6/25/1971

  • Imagination, fantasy, flair - this affair could have it all and more! If you haven't discovered this aspect of the relationship, you don't know what you are missing. Your friend's image could change drastically here because of you, and almost overnight. Any vision he has of himself being a staid stick-in-the-mud or a dull stay-at-home is liable to go right out the window, for you won't see him that way at all. You can feel very comfortable in this relationship, and will usually take the lead in showing some of the 'dance steps' to this man. A love affair here can be romantic, exciting and flamboyant. This man is capable of great intimacy but, in this relationship, he would probably throw caution to the winds and feel "if you've got it, flaunt it!" Letting it all hang out may be a whole new experience for him, and one he should thoroughly enjoy. Just the relief over not feeling embarrassed by public shows of affection is a reward in itself for such a private person. Marriage here however may be less exciting and more prosaic than a love affair. A more thoughtful side to the relationship can emerge, yet ultimately it may not be on the cards for the two of you to take on more demanding responsibilities. Furthermore, the emotional depth needed here for a longer-lasting relationship like marriage can be lacking here.

  • Wow! Thanks Captain! It’s a pity this second man is too shy to make the first move (beyond friendship) and I’m too proud to do so.

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