May a have a reading? - Break up

  • Going through a really hard break-up after almost 10 years together. We were in a LDR for 3 years now (I'm living abroad to study) and everything was fine until he decided to move to another city 6 months ago. It became a double long-distance relationship and things changed: we started to see each other less, to fight a lot on whether to get engaged or not and he became more independent for the first time (he's always been very dependent on me).

    We met in person to talk last week and he was very confused, lost, afraid of getting back together and get hurt again. We ended up kissing but decided not to get back together for now. No idea what's going to happen next. We always got along really well and been very supportive of each other, but we've been going through this crisis for a few months.

    My birth date - 30 Jan 1989 and his birth date - 26 Aug 1989

    Thank you

  • This relationship can radiate attractiveness and charm. As a couple, the two of you enjoy spoiling each other and yourselves, and the relationship emphasizes sensuality. Yet you won't necessarily have an easy time of it interpersonally. The relationship can expect to be unsettled and the two of you may not be wholly comfortable with its emphasis on pleasure. In some ways, you are antithetical to each other and the relationship itself: Your partner tends to be more conservative, solid and predictable while you are more cerebral, flighty and spontaneous. If together you two generate a magnetic appeal, drawing other people to you, you also hide a lot of frustration and dark, possessive attitudes beneath the surface. Shadow elements can emerge in a love affair here. Your partner has difficulty with his deeper emotions (both in dealing with them and in expressing them) while you have no need to confront your own inner life. The synergy of the relationship also magnifies both your more nervous, worried and at times self-destructive sides. The tensions here can result in exciting sexual interactions, but unfortunately can also produce emotional outbursts and rejecting attitudes. In many ways, and quite unlike how you are with other people, the two of you have difficulty staying objective about each other. Given the considerable level of instability here, marriage or a long-term relationship is therefore not recommended.

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